Capsicum Recipes

Capsicum, commonly known as bell pepper is a very common item in Indian cooking. It is known as shimla mirch in Hindi. Capsicum is available in three vibrant colors: red, yellow and green. So, you can add colors to your dish with the help of capsicum. Capsicum also comes with its own set of nutritional values along with several health benefits. It is packed with vitamin A and Vitamin C and also has anti-cancer components. If you are suffering from cholesterol, capsicum comes with various nutrients that can help in lowering the level of triglycerides and thus keeping your cholesterol level in control. It also has fat burning components. If you are thinking about how to utilize capsicum in your daily recipes, this article can surely help you out. There are various ways in which capsicum can be used in Indian cuisines. You can start by adding them in pulao, salads, biriyani, curries, stir fry, dip, chutney and many more. Capsicum comes with a unique blend of flavors that can give your curries an extraordinary twist of taste. They also taste superb when added with prawns, eggs and chicken. Check out our unique recipes and try them out today!
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