Candle Light Dinner

Ever wondered how does it feels when you are with your someone special with all the feelings you both have, and it gives you the feeling of togetherness and make you feel enlighten. Candles gives you the feeling of warmth and makes the atmosphere pleasant with its aroma particularly your dinner partner. It means dinning with your partner with the light of candles, there are some fresh flowers on your table which makes everything more special and ofcourse the glass of wine with which you take a sip with a romantic eye contact. Candle light dinner can be used for different occasions as well whether its your anniversary, birthday, or a welcome back celebration, it gives you the best memories you can make with your partner. If you want to make it more romantic you can add some basic steps to it. Step-1 - The most important thing to keep in your mind is the menu of your dinner. Go with the type of cuisine your partner enjoy eating the most. You can search it also for the best cuisine for candle night dinner. Step-2 - The most important thing which comes is candles. Choose scented candles as they can make your atmosphere more pleasant. You can put them on the table or even you can make the path that leads to table. Choose candle that fit your theme and according to the decorations, don’t use too much of scented candles as it can get more suffocating. Step-3 - Choose your dress wisely according to the dinner and theme. Don’t overdo it make it simple by wearing less jewellery, and complete your look with a good clutch in your hand. Play some descent music to make it more romantic, put some rose petals around your table and you are ready for your romantic dinner.
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