Business With Low Investment

Thinking of doing a business? But are you worried about the investment cost? Burdening yourself with paying back business loans? We have ideas for you which will not load you with tons of investment and allow you to earn a good amount by investing minimal amounts. Also it is advisable to start with low level and then expand the bandwidth pertaining to the needs and returns. The same way you follow when you visit a new restaurant, you don’t the main course at one – go, right? You prefer beginning with starters and then proceed. Now let’s put the ideas in a plate, design a platter of ideas and then pick what interests us. Food trucks – Mobile vans with one chef who can make multiple cuisines. All you need is a van, chef and grocery. Ice- cream parlour – Any decorated trolley with a freezer will work. Get the flavours, store them well and serve on demand. Day care for children – A small house with segmented rooms with proper furniture and food stock will give a kickass start to the venture. Coffee Shop – People like to sip a cup of coffee almost all the time in a day. Also coffee table conversations are way more interesting than any other way of having them. All you need is an ideal location (near offices or university campus) and get it paint nicely and ofcourse arrange for the coffee beans with interesting mugs. Fitness centre – A vibrant place with good collection of music and two well trained fitness masters who know Zumba, aerobics and a couple of machines like treadmill will work for starting this up.
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