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Yoga is scientifically proven to be beneficial for health. In today's hectic lifestyle, when people are struggling to cope up with work and family life, yoga helps them to regain physical, mental and emotional balance. An average human being inhales and exhales 23,000 breaths per day. However, this breathing activity easily goes unnoticed because of our regular work activities. Breathing exercises through yoga helps us to get more acquainted and improve our daily breathing pattern. Yogic breathing is one of the most important limbs of the right limb of yoga. If done properly, yogic breathing can help in rejuvenating and lengthening the life force or vital energy. Given below are some of the benefits of yogic breathing exercises: It reduces stress and anxiety, thereby, calming the mind and body It helps in full and complete breathing Yogic Breathing ensures complete circulation of blood to the brain. It keeps the lung healthy, thereby, keeping breathing problems like asthma at bay. Yogic breathing helps in releasing muscular tension Makes the body fitter for meditation.To make most of the yoga breathing exercises, one should ensure that these exercises are done in an empty stomach. The exercises which are given below if performed daily will help you breathe more freely without any strain or force. Read more inside the link.
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