Easy Breakfast Recipes

When it’s 9 in the morning, you are one foot out and one foot in. You are hurrying for office and then you also worry about your grumbling stomach. This is where easy breakfast recipes will come to your rescue. Mornings are generally stressful. Amidst all the chaos and madness, the breakfast, an important meal of the day, generally gets ignored or skipped. So, make sure that you do not miss your breakfasts again by trying out some quick and super easy recipes. From salads and omlettes to cheela and upma, there are options that will get you covered on all your cravings in the morning. They are not just quick but healthy as well.You can choose to start your day energetically by going for oatmeal, eggs, smoothies and pancakes. These are the easiest ingredients that you can use for making some quick breakfast dishes. Grab recipes that offer you the energy to be up and running the whole day. Take for example, the Bombay Toasty. This popular street snack makes the perfect breakfast delicacy. You will find layers of onion, tomatoes and mashed potatoes served with bread slices and coriander chutney. Then there is the zingy pea and potato sandwich that can easily be put together. Flavorful and fuss-free, this is one breakfast recipe that can even be packed for tiffin.Also, there is no need for you to limit these recipes only to the morning hours. Try expanding your horizons and have them even during lunch and dinner. So, why wait! Check out the recipes now!!
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