Bread Recipes

Bread is something which can be paired with everything whether it’s a dessert or a meal and it is satisfactory to eat. There are different ways through which we can experiment on bread with different things. Veg mayonnaise sandwich - Chop onions, carrot, capsicum, tomatoes and cabbage. Toast 4 pieces of bread on a pan then put mayonnaise on chopped vegetables add salt, chilli powder, coriander leaves to it. spread that batter on the bread and toast it again. Serve it with ketchup. Bread upma - Heat a pan toast the bread until it get crisp and cut it into small pieces. Pour oil on the pan add cashews and peanuts until golden then urad dal stir it till it gets golden add green chillies and curry leaves add onions and tomatoes stir them well pour 3-4 tbsp of water and mix it wait till the mixture gets thick and its ready to serve. Bread pizza - Take a pan fry the bread till it gets crunchy and crispy, chop vegetables onions, tomatoes, capsicum and cabbage. Spread ketchup on one side of the bread put veggies on it and then put a cheese slice on it. Put it in an oven for 30-40 seconds. Sprinkle some oregano and chilli flicks and its ready to serve. Paneer sandwich - Take a pan put 2 tbsp of oil add chopped onions, tomatoes and capsicum to it fry them till they get crispy, then put salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder to it. Mix it well. Then take a pan fry 4 piece of bread till it gets golden then one side of 2 breads put ketchup on it then put panner bhurji on the other side of bread and cut the sandwich in half and its ready to serve.
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