Boiled Egg Recipes

Eggs have now become an integral part of an average Indian non-vegetarian diet. The best part about boiled eggs is that boiling eggs id so easy that many of us get it wrongly done. Once wrongly done, however, it is a mammoth task to set them right. Just for instance, if one boils an egg for so long they, in real terms, break through their shell and the yolk becomes dry and tastes much like elastic. However, if one doesn’t boil them long enough, both the yolk and the white of the egg seem runny and smells raw. Different types of boiled egg are now part of staple Indian diet. The normal “egg-curry” is a delicious side-dish with chapati and rice. A boiled egg is quick, safe and really easy to make. Besides the nutritional elements in the egg makes it a family-favourite on the breakfast table and a great cooking ingredient. Egg has created its own mark in signature in Indian curries, biryanis, cream continental salads and many other mouth-watering dishes. Click on the link below to if you are craving for some nutritious snacks or half-boiled eggs in a delectable gravy as we have got some choicest boiled egg recipes ready for you.
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