Bhindi Recipes

Bhindi also is known as ‘Okra’ or lady finder is very widely available in the central and northern part of India. It is the staple part of our diet. With loads of nutritional values and taste, okra can be used to concoct many dishes. Apart from dry sabji and vegetable curry, bhindi is also used as a side dish in India. South Indian dishes are incomplete without okra. They add ladyfinger in their staple curry called ‘sambhar.’This beautiful green veggie is very popular among tiffin people since the dish can be prepared in a jiffy and is easy to make, most of the working people making bhindi in the morning for taking it in their lunch box. Combine bhindi recipes with onions, potatoes or tomatoes for tasty, quick lunch meals. You can make bhindi any combination. They are also made dry or semi-dry sabji which can be eaten with rice or chapati. Follow the quick recipe. Add some oil, prepare the tadka, and add bhindi onto the pan. Your bhindi recipe is ready. It is that easy. The vegetable is a good source of iron, folates, magnesium and Vitamin A and C. include this tasty veggie in your lunches as it is known to cure constipation and other bowel irregularity.Check out our sumptuous recipes and try them out now!
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