Beetroot Recipes

Beetroot, which is known as Chakundar in Hindi is a super food packed with vitamins and minerals. It helps in blood pressure in check and has anti-cancer properties. Beat root juices are calories and fat-free u can have it any time of the day. It also helps in improving flow of blood in our body and has necessary vitamins too. Some of the great recipes with beetroot are: Beetroot cutlets: Boil potatoes and beetroot till soft. Let it cool for a while and then mash it all in a bowl. Add ginger and chili paste. Further add Garam masala, green peas, jeera, and coriander powder. Mix well until everything is combined. Now make small rounds of the mix and coat with biscuits crumbs and fry till golden brown. Chakundar roll: Grate beetroot, keep it aside. Now heat a pan and then add the oil and the butter. Put bay leaves and grated beetroot. Sauté till beetroot is soft and all the water is soaked. Add garam masala and ginger paste to it. Cook for a few minutes and add red chili powder. You can add paneer cubes if you wish to, season with salt and pepper. Now make paratha and stuff the paratha with beetroot mix and roll it. Serve hot.More beetroot recipes waiting for you inside the link, click and find out!
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