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  • Priyanka Gill

    I would like to express my appreciations to Sheroes, Since i took my maternity break from my last organisation in June 15. And had no vision if i  would be able restart my career in near future as i stay in a nuclear family setup. Got reference about Sheroes from one of the social media site while surfing and i started the job search in late March 16 and got associated with one of the client in July 16. Since then i am WFH as a freelance EA to Head of Big 4 company.

    Now i have 8 months of experience as a WFH professional and also exploring opportunities with multiple clients through Sheroes only. Being associated with Sheroes from last year, i now recommend it to all my female friends. I would again like to thank Sheroes for mentoring me to reach where am i now.

  • Smruti Prabhudesai

    I am glad to know that Team Sheroes is very committed to helping out women like me who are desperate to start working after a long gap but are clueless where to start from.The resources provided by you have given me some knowledge about content writing and how to go about.I still have to go a long way in making a career in content writing (something I never thought of doing before ) and Team Sheroes will be the only platform where my queries will be answered.but right now I am very much satisfied with the answers.
    Your helpline is just awesome.My queries got answered quickly and i also got some additional help in the form of resources that you provided on my email id.
    A big thanks for your help so far..

  • Nikhila Anand

    I really appreciate the Sheroes platform for connecting women with the world..

  • Women are the strongest as they can balance their professional and personnel life simultaneously. We struggle for our family and our dear ones are our strength.

    We work to create our IDENTITY.

    Thanks a ton Sheroes for all your support.

  • Zubin Shagufta

    Today I would like to appreciate you for your consistent efforts to make lives better , for giving hope  and for helping women to manifest their potential .

    Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts in every process and in every progress.

    Date is just an excuse to connect :-)

    I wanted to  thank you anyways  for your  Great Gestures ...You Guys Rock


    For This Year  and always  I wish you great success ,Great stories to share ,Life transformations ,More laughter , Life ,Adventures 

    and everything Best That life can offer for today and Always ...

    With Loads of Love and Hugs 

    Lets Change our direction not only dates ,commitment not only Calendar ,Actions and Attitude ,Together Lets Rock !!! 


    Thank You For Being YOU !!

  • Navya

    "SHEroes" the word brings smile in my face ,Confidence in my innerself, and more than all the encouragement that every women need.My heartiest thanks to the one who created it ,who thought about it and who made it all going in live....a little about me...I was waiting for a 'work from home' job .A genuine 'work from home' job from past 5 years and almost sacrificed on the thought and started giving interviews for few comfortable jobs ...and like a dream in reality I received a call from SHEroes....after I spoke am sure its from the GOD just for me and me only.There came AMAZON in picture now which started its pilot process in Pune "Virtual Contact Centre" (I.e Work From Home).Their only source was SHEroes , And the interview was not easy at all. I thank the LORD .And now am in an amazing place to work with and to manage my family simultaneously... SHEROES U R REAL HEROES

  • Amit Dey General Mobi

    We wanted to hire specifically female resources for bringing in balance in our working team. Sheroes presented a great way to hire as it offered experienced resources who are willing to take up new challenges. The best part is we succeeded in hiring one team member through Sheroes. We look forward to working with Sheroes for future hiring.

  • Prajakta Akosha

    Then came a phase where I was looking for a job to provide me the flexibility to work from home after a gap of 3 years. This was my second innings after having tasted great success in corporate world I took maternity break. And Sheroes happened to me by fluke when I was “googling”. It took me just 2 days to be on board again. This time with the young start-up and young IITians who believed in their dreams – Akosha meaning Powerful and complete.

  • Rachel Myoutcomes

    I became a member of Sheroes in Feb end and applied for work from home jobs. On March 7, 2016, I got a call from Netherlands and I thought it was a spam call, still, I answered the call and it was the HR manager of Myoutcomes, she interviewed for about 10 mins and then I had been interviewed by the directors after a week. And on  March 15, 2016, I started working with Myoutcomes.

  • Kalyani Freelance Recruiter

    While I badly wanted to work I also wanted to pick my daughter up from school and listen to all her school stories. And I didn't want to compromise. Thanks to my husband who Introduced me to the world of Twitter, I discovered SHEROES. Just what I needed. An opportunity without compromising on my time with my daughter. Within two weeks of creating an online presence, I received my first opportunity.

  • Kanika Squadrun

    There is an incredible talent sitting at home and Sheores is the perfect community to tap into this talent. Backed by an efficient team, Sheroes has helped us reach hundreds of women who are now earning a stable part time income using SquadRun!"

  • Jayadev PiQube

    "We have been one of the early users of the Sheroes platform and I'm extremely happy with the results we have achieved from the same. We wanted 15 - 20 Work from home people from the HR background and posted a job on the platform - we were pleasantly surprised to receive 120 applications. Within a couple of days, we were sorted! Further, I must mention that the quality of profiles was pretty good too. Now, what more would you want from a platform ?!! Way to go, Sairee."

  • Areeba Nomaan Student

    I would like to implement the values of SHEROES in my University if given a chance to. I want SHEROES to help me, my peer group every time we need them, to enable and empower us to have bright career.

  • Bhawna Program Manager

    We do not need a crisis to be a hero. Though I`m fully secure, I chose to live an exiting life full of challenges and so I rose above my comfort zone to work again. I`m glad that I came across SHEROES, you are doing a wonderful job. Keep making women confident again.

  • Rajashree Content Writer, CRB Tech Solutions

    Till now writing was my hobby; so I decided to take this up as my profession too. In hours of identity crisis more than friends and family, I think one need a professional mentor and I was well guided by SHEROES.

  • Gauri Bindu SHEROES Alumnus

    I have been using this platform for over a year now and I have gotten some great career advice over here. Recently I landed into a great job through SHEROES.

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