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Batull asked

hi i m suggested to apply for content writing will pl tell me where and how to apply
20 Mar 2017, 02:08pm
Hi Hamid Content writers are required both in publishing houses as well as for various website . Good part is many people take up as freelancers too . It depends upon the level of skills that you have. Also whether you have technical writing skills or if you have done any related course and experience. Anyway you can check websites of various publishing houses or websites like etc for the openings. Any further help required let me know. Dr. Swati Rajput
20 Mar 2017, 02:25pm View Less
Hi Hamid
Content writers are required both in publishing houses as well as for various website . Go

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Seema asked

Dear Ms.Rajput.\nI have been on a long break of 13 years post having worked for 12 to 13 years for my kids. While I have consciously decided to work from home or on freelance projects so as to be around for my kids who are 12 and 9,I would really like your advise on where I can go from here.My background is Client servicing and marketing in advertising and also I have experience on working with children and teachers.( I had a short stint at the IL&FS project of SchoolNet in the CRM division).My strength lies in my interpersonal and writing skills. I also do my bit with animals and conservation and looking after old people. While being philanthropic is my passion ,it is just not practical and I would really like to earn some money. Looking forward eagerly for your advise and direction. Thank you very much in advance. Seema
26 Apr 2017, 11:43am
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anirudh swarnkar asked

Do you have any experience with respect to the Civil Services exam?
29 Mar 2017, 07:29pm
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