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Divya asked

HI Sucheta , Im at crossroads with family and work. Looking for some guidance . I have 10 years BPO
HI Sucheta , Im at crossroads with family and work. Looking for some guidance . I have 10 years BPO experience , want to develop skills in analytics or cloud . and do a work from home to manage my kid for 2-3 years for now . Currently managing a team of 25 which I love to continue but not sure if I can as there is none to take care of my kid who is 9 months. what should I be doing
24 Jul 2017, 09:42pm
Hi Divya,\n\nIts indeed an important decision you need to make. Lets look at few aspects\n\n1. You have a reach 10 years of experience in the BPO industry and seem to be at a sr managerial level and have already achieved something in your career. 2. You also seem to like your work and njoy it and have further prospects to grow.\n\nSo, I think, next 2 to 3 years are going to be the testing times whatever we do. Whether we develop new skills and take up a new job or role or take up a WFH kind of role. One thing, we should be clear, Not to give up & not to ignore the health and wellness in anyway. \n\nI feel first we can try for following alternatives before we give up on the job and see how your kid can be very well taken care of and you don't feel guilty in anyway while you continue to work. \n\nFollowing are my suggestions, which I have seen many successful women and couples had adopted to improve their work life balance.\n\n\n1. How is your husband's job like? Can his routine be adjusted with your routine so that the child is left for a very short time in creche etc? I knew 1 couple where wife used to work from 8 to 5 and husband used to work from 1/2 pm to 10 pm. That way, the baby had to be taken care of only for 3-4 hrs\n2. Is it possible to call your parents or your husband's parents to stay with you for next 2/3 years or alternately? \n3. Can you have some good reliable nanny who can stay full time with you? May be we can pay her a bit more but she can be really trust worthy?\n4. How much time do you spend in commuting to office? May be for 2/3 years short time, you can change your place and stay very close to office so, you have only 5/10 minutes of commute time and may be, can visit home at least once during lunch etc I know many people who have taken this decision and had really helped them save some 2/3 hrs of their precious time, energy and stress.\n\n5. How supportive is your company in giving some flexibility to moms? Do they support work from home?\n\n6. Do you have a creche in your company?\n\n7. I also feel prioritizing is also very important. Prioritizing career over spending few thousands more for next 2/3 years.\ne.g. On creating an ecosystem & support system around you and in your house is very important, ecosystem of maids, drivers, helpers, nanny and trust worthy servants etc, planning, organizing also helps a lot\n Also channelizing your energies is also very important at this point of time - spending maximum time with kid when you are home rather than doing daily chores, delegating and offloading lot of routine work to maids etc can help\n\nWe don't have to be like a super man doing everything..we should focus, and be very clear in our thinking and approach...\n\nLets look at the other options of taking up another part time job or changing skill sets\n\nGaining new skills will take some time and you will have to spend extra time learning it. If you take a short break and do it during the break time, it will not be a stretch for you. But again you will have to join at little junior level role than what you are currently doing. You may have to start with individual contributor role again - So you should be prepared for it and accept it.\n\nThere are many part time, freelancing kind of roles coming up. \nMay be, you can think of doing a different kind of creative roles - like content creation, blogging, writing, training etc\nLook at your strengths, look at your secondary skills, think how your current experience and expertise can be leveraged , may be to do some consulting kind of work?\n\nOr may be you just take a break and restart fresh after 2/3 years? Market conditions may be different at that time but if you have the will and determination, nothing is impossible!\n\nMost important is, whatever you decide, you should not regret later and look back, You should not feel guilty in anyway or have any feeling of losing on career front etc\nToday, lot of new fields and entreprene
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Hi Divya,\n\nIts indeed an important decision you need to make. Lets look at few aspects\n\n1. You h

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