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Venus asked

hi,\ni am an unemployed 45 year old dentist ,i have 12 years of experience in dentistry in india and
hi,\ni am an unemployed 45 year old dentist ,i have 12 years of experience in dentistry in india and abroad..however i am unable to find a sutiable job here in india for eight years now..the clinics which have not have good quality materilas or equipments and treating patients in those clinics may actually harm the patients..moreover the salary they offer is not enough to cover food and travel i started studying for mds enbtrance exams..its my third attempt this parents send em money to cover my basic expenses..but as i feed stray dogs in my neighbourhood(i put all the feeding videos on facebook),i don't have enough money for dogs or i need a small job parttime..either online or otherwise..which does not involve a lot of travel..where i can earn about rs.4000 or rs.5000 a month..i cannot do sales and marketing..i have a flat of my own in vasai..mumbai..and computer and internet connection..if someone teaches me coding which can lead to an income ,i would be glad to learn that too..also if it is required,i could also,thta would also help..\n\n\nthanks,\n\ndr.venus john\n\ncell no.09766819278\n\nec69,b4,evershine city,vasai east-401208\n\nmumbai\n\n\n
12 Jul 2017, 03:41pm
Hi Venus. Thanks for your email. Let us look at few important things, which I understand from your email.\n\n1. Your long terms goals - I see you have a rich 12 years of experience in dentistry which is a respectable profession. Please let me know, if you want to continue in this profession in the long run or not. I also see that since you are studying for MDS exam, you want to continue in the field of medicine and build on your dentistry experience. I see a big opportunity for you here. If you know the problems in this field of dentistry, can you solve them? Can you suggest them where the good quality materials and equipments are available? How to procure them? DO you have contact abroad, where you can find out the best medical facilities in dentistry etc? if you do not want to practice, may be you can be a consultant in dentistry? You can start some dentistry services by associating with organisations such as schools, hospitals and I think there are so many options, even to spread awareness etc. I think, if you know the pain areas of doctors, patients or any players in the dentistry eco system, you can work on finding solutions for them and come up with your ideas and start something of your own. Also, can you find which clinics are good? How many of them are good? DO some research on this? Do you like teaching? Have you explored of teaching option is any dentistry colleges?\n2. Your short term goals - I understand that you want to earn money for your day to day living and hence you want to learn coding? Coding can be done for millions of different things. You need to study on what you want to learn. May be web designing? You need to find out who teaches it, what are the course fees, what are immediate income earning opportunities after you learn? Since this is a new field, will you be able to work independently initially from home or will have to go to office etc\nI think, if you just want to learn coding to earn some temporary income, you try to see what secondary profession you can generate out of your dentistry income which will be more effective and useful\n \n3. Your hobbies - I understand that you like to feed dogs and there are lot of associations who work for this cause. You may want to search on internet and associate with them. Even here, you can do lot of innovative things. You can start a dog feeding community in your area and find a mechanism to collect the left over food from many houses, collect it and then feed the dogs and so on. This will help serve the purpose plus save your money\n4. Some temporary source of income - There are many other temporary options and jobs which are available. Such as a blogging, content writing etc. Please do think more on this, identify your strengths, what you are good at, what you like to do and if you dont want to quit dentistry, then what are other professions around dentistry which you can take up.\n\nI hope this is useful. Please do think about this in details and let me know what you think about my inputs/suggestions.
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Hi Venus. Thanks for your email. Let us look at few important things, which I understand from your e

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