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Amisha asked

Hi Shweta,\n\nI am thinking of getting into Equity trading but need guidance for the same. Would appreciate your tips on it.
24 Jul 2017, 02:38pm
Hi Amisha, First thing first - apologies for delay in response, being a full time mom and and a full time trader can be a little demanding.\nAnyway coming to your query, before getting into Equity trading/ Stock market you need to ask yourself a few questions\nWhy Trading?\nWhat is your expectation, in terms of income and efforts put in.\nHow much time you can invest in learning the skill? (Like any other profession you will have to learn the craft)\nHow much time can you invest everyday trading? \nAre you ready to burn your fingers while learning the skill. One can never become a skilled chef without getting a few cuts and burns here and there.\n\nSo Think about it, think hard, take your time. Prepare yourself well before you enter this jungle(Read Stock Market). There is a saying in the stock market – Metaphor used - There are Bulls, there are Bears and there are Pigs. Bulls make money, bears make money and the Pigs get slaughtered. Choose wisely.\nDon’t wanna sound discouraging, just being realistic.\n\nShweta \n
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Hi Amisha, First thing first - apologies for delay in response, being a full time mom and and a ful

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Hema asked

Hi Shweta, I am a postgraduate in Commerce with over 9 years of work experience. I have been trading in the stock market for the past 3-4 years. But I would like to learn more and invest. I too am dependant on my husband to fund me to invest. I wish to earn myself and invest. Could you tell me what kind of opportunities can I explore?
21 Jul 2017, 10:51pm
Hi Hema, Apologies for late response, just been off the radar for while. Okay so you u have been in the market for 3-4years now, which means you have seen the bull run and the bear market. By now you must have realized as retail investors/traders we are up against the sharpest minds in the world (Read the FII and the DII). What I can understand from your query is that you have not made consistent/significant money in the market. Its time we amp up our game. Sit down and analyse what kind of trader are you, Technical analyst, Fundamental analyst, a short term trader, long term, swing, intra, news/tv follower……, see what suits your personality. Make a fool proof trading system based on your trading style. Back test your system. Once satisfied, start trading with very small quatity and see the results. Unlike others I will not advice you to do paper trading and then move to actual trading as paper trading and actual trading are two completely different things. The moment we put our money in the market, our emotions go on an overdrive, fear, greed, anxiety, doubt……It’s a very heady cocktail ?. So back test your system, do paper trading for a few days and then start with actual trading with real money, that’s where the real learning is. I don’t know about you current skill level or if you are a TA or FA. Do let me know, and then we can take it up from there.\n\nShweta \n
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Hi Hema, Apologies for late response, just been off the radar for while. Okay so you u have been in

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Venus asked

hi,\ni am an unemployed 45 year old dentist ,i have 12 years of experience in dentistry in india and abroad..however i am unable to find a sutiable job here in india for eight years now..the clinics which have not have good quality materilas or equipments and treating patients in those clinics may actually harm the patients..moreover the salary they offer is not enough to cover food and travel i started studying for mds enbtrance exams..its my third attempt this parents send em money to cover my basic expenses..but as i feed stray dogs in my neighbourhood(i put all the feeding videos on facebook),i don't have enough money for dogs or i need a small job parttime..either online or otherwise..which does not involve a lot of travel..where i can earn about rs.4000 or rs.5000 a month..i cannot do sales and marketing..i have a flat of my own in vasai..mumbai..and computer and internet connection. i had tried day trading online for a few months and lost some i stopped..i had used sbi and zerodha software for online trading..if you are in or near mumbai..then i could meet you fi required..\n\n\nthanks,\n\ndr.venus john\n\ncell no.09766819278\n\nec69,b4,evershine city,vasai east-401208\n\nmumbai\n\n\n
12 Jul 2017, 03:52pm
Hi Venus, \nI understand your current situation and requirement. Definitely earning 4-5k a month is easy in the stock market, however like any other profession, Trading also requires one to study and build skills. You will have to invest some time in learning and preparing your self before you actually start trading and making regular income out of it. One very important piece of advice "Please do not do intraday trading". Intraday is the highest level of skill in trading, so take one step at a time build your skills and eventually intraday will also happen. Also please stop taking trades on your brokers advice as it does not matter to him/her if u make money or lose he/she will make money by you trading regardless of profit or loss(Brokerage is the source of income). I can train you if you are really keen on learning and investing. Think about it and ping me in if you are interested.\nThanks and Regards\nShweta\n\nP.S - Apologies for late response.
17 Jul 2017, 11:31am View Less
Hi Venus, \nI understand your current situation and requirement. Definitely earning 4-5k a month is

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Unanswered Questions

Kiruthika asked

Hi Shweta ,I am a graduate i have no experience and much knowledge in capital marketing and its functions. but i wish to learn and equip myself with trading skills . can you guide me for the same ?
28 Aug 2017, 04:58pm
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