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Aakriti asked

Hi Pankhuri \n\nIt was indeed a pleasure to come across someone from the shipping and logistics sector here. I have about 4 years of experience in the domain in client servicing and key account management. I took a break about 15 months ago for marriage and moved to pune from Mumbai. I have been finding it extremely difficult and disappointing to find opportunities in logistics for non sales roles here.. I really want to get back to work as soon as possible. I just dont know how to go ahead now.
17 Jul 2017, 12:04pm
Hi Akriti,\n\nMy background has been mainly in Bulk Logistics and Ship chartering for Dry bulk and Specialised Liquid Products. (More sales oriented). From my knowledge of the industry I would infer, that what u are interested in is mainly within an organisation operations of the vessels(can be container ships or bulk cargo ships). Yes maybe the employment opportunities are less in pune as compared to Mumbai, but I would suggest one way for you to begin your job hunt would be to do research and tap the companies in Pune that are involved in imports thus involving the logistics angle (sea/air/rail/road) and begin applying for roles open in the logistics section. I would not suggest starting your own venture until and unless u don't get some experience in the industry and get further knowledge about the industry. You can also look at some shipowners who might have offices in Pune. Handling the back end operations from the owners side will\nGive u good insight into the non sales roles and the functionality of this sector. Hope I was able to answer your question. Pls let me know if I can be of any further help.
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Hi Akriti,\n\nMy background has been mainly in Bulk Logistics and Ship chartering for Dry bulk and S

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Bhagyashri asked

hello mam I want to start own business how can I go for that ? in content writing
12 Jul 2017, 10:40am
Hi Bhagyashri,\n\nGood morning. Thanks for the question and apologies for a late reply.\n\nTo begin with, have u had any prior experience in content writing? Like have u interned anywhere or have u had a job regarding the same previously? Because I would say, your course of action would depend a lot on your prior experience and qualifications.\n\nTo study 2 scenarios:\n\nIncase u have had prior exposure in this field, then it would give u an edge. U can probably become a freelancer in content writing. You can apply to different online forums and websites, that are active in various fields, market yourself and send out your resume - as a freelancer. You can leverage the experiences you have gained and your interpersonal relationship with your previous clients at your previous jobs and offer your services. Slowly steadily after having expanded your clientele, you can hire more people and eventually run your own content writing firm. Initially it might be tough and you might not be successful immediately, but pls do not get disheartened. Keep at it. Eventually you will be successful.\n\nOn the other hand, Incase u are a complete fresher or a beginner in this field then I would suggest u pls get an internship or a job somewhere to experience what exactly is needed out of you in this job field. Just hearing and actually performing the job are 2 different things. Until and unless u don't get on the job experience, you won't understand what the job demands of you. Also in order to improve your competitiveness in this field, u can consider some online courses( Incase you can't go overseas) offered by some of the top universities in India and overseas such as London School of Journalism etc. These courses are very nice and the learning is immense. Incase you want a internship or a interim job, let me know. I'll check with a few contacts of mine. \n\nFeel free to ask further questions. I hope I was able to answer your question.\n
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Hi Bhagyashri,\n\nGood morning. Thanks for the question and apologies for a late reply.\n\nTo begin

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Great! The question has been forwarded to SHEROES Career Helpline.