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Bidisha asked

Hi Monica, I am Bidisha a Travel Blogger by passion at present. My qualifications are in a whole oth
Hi Monica, I am Bidisha a Travel Blogger by passion at present. My qualifications are in a whole other domain of Logistics and Supply Chain Mangement. I have 2 years of experience in the same field and 6 months of experience in content management for an e-commerce company. I had to quit my job in Jan 2016 because of a surgery I had to undergo and I needed enough time tp recuperate. So my parents insisted that I move back with them and hence I started blogging seriously. I am at present also developing content for few travel based startups as well as for a freight forwarding startup from home. However, its been 5 months now that I am looking for a job in my domain of logistics management but hard luck. There is a little problem though in my perspective towards this job hunt. I don't think I can really enjoy working in the logistics sector despite the fact that I enjoyed studying the subjects back at University. My education is extensively in the domain. As a person I am compassionate, empathetic and a creative. I have also been trying to look for jobs in the education management industry or in NGOs. I feel I could shine as an educator or trainer or some other role that would enable me to help or inspire others. My second preferred field of interest is content or writing. I am in a fix whether I should stick to my degrees and look for jobs in the same field or pursue my passion. Next, comes the monetary part, the logistics industry isn't very lucrative at the middle level and given my gap period I may have to compromise on my package as well. My last designation was that of an Assistant Manager. I am also not very sure about the kind of future prospects the Education Management/NGO/Content Industries hold for me. I am finding it really difficult to break into these industries owing to my prior experience and educational qualifications. Kindly advise.
25 May 2017, 08:11pm

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