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Amrita asked

Hi, I am Amrita currently working as Assistant manager in a company in Kolkata which is into service
Hi, I am Amrita currently working as Assistant manager in a company in Kolkata which is into service industry. I have total 7 years of work experience; 2 years in a backend process in BPO, 1 year 7 months worked as Virtual assistant of various international client in KPO, past 4 years working as an Assistant manager where I have to manage a team of 10-12 people - look after the complete branch operation and coordinate with HR, IT and accounts team of my head office which is in Bangalore. Since last 2 years my career is not going in a right direction. Before 2 years whatever work I used to do I was the best performer but now whatever I do people finds mistake in me. It seems as if I am loosing my confidence. I am really feeling that either I should change my career or start to something which satisfy me and also financially I earn as I am a single mother and have a son of 7 years old. I really want to take start working from home so that I can earn be independent and even now support my son in his studies as he is growing. From past 1 month started to hunt job but yet no positive thing has yet come. I am thinking to learn some new things but not sure what? Shall I go ahead for some content writing or social media marketing course will it help me. I have no experience in this much. I am good at Client servicing, customer relationship, Admin Coordinator, Email management. Currently want to quit job and simply start searching for new change in my career as continuing my current job is getting me into tension. It seems I working really hard in my current profile but not getting anything or my hard work is not paying me anything. I am really confused at this moment how to get out of this situation as several things are going in my mind don't know what is right in my career as well as for me and my son's life. I would really appreciate if you can guide me. My email id is amritakumari28@gmaiil.com\nThanks a ton\nAmrita\n
21 May 2017, 04:11pm

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