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Anuradha asked

hi ..I am anu...i was working for nearly 8 yrs in SQL domain with breaks [marraige..children etc..].Now I might nit be able to work for 8 hrs job..but I want to do 2 - 3 hurs of some technical kind of job remotely...Can you plz suggest some ideas.Menawhile ,I have completed Google analytics Certification exam and also have MBA degree in finance.
15 Jul 2016, 02:37am
Hi Anu, you can take up some work from home assignments that have flexible timings leveraging Sheroes Network and Jobs Board, that is the best way to go. Apart from that, you can also count on friends who have startups and/or look for assignments that can help you get some real time experience of how to apply what you have learnt in your course and put it to good use in the real world. That is always the best way to go Apart from that, you can actually start of with something as basic as: creating a project for yourself and creating a personal brand so that you can showcase all your skills and use that as a starting point
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Hi Anu, you can take up some work from home assignments that have flexible timings leveraging Sheroe

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seema asked

Hi, I have 10+ years experience in financial service industry, right from channel management to investment advisory and product management. To go further up in career should i do some technical courses to improve my knowledge. Are short term online courses useful or should i look at executive mba programes
06 Jul 2016, 11:00am
Hi Seema Wonderful to hear from you - since you are currently not employed, if you wish you pursue the same line of work that you were in, you may seek certification to increase your employment chances . However, that would mean you need to decide now that this area of work is something you will pursue for some more time If instead you think this is also the right time to switch careers and be back to say product management (as you have done earlier) then make that decision and ramp up your skills in that area especially how things might have changed now, what's new and in the news etc An exec MBA always helps to build or re-establish your network since you are back from a break and refresh what you have known and learnt earlier but it is an investment of time and money, so must be judiciously thought through. i would also highly recommend that you find someone you trust - friend or family member with whom you can discuss these options and come to an informed decision basis which you carve out a plan that works for you. if you can let me know what that is, I will be happy to help further.
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Hi Seema

Wonderful to hear from you - since you are currently not employed, if you wish you pursu

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Durga asked

Hello Monica,its a honour to be able to interact with you.I am a commerce graduate,i have worked with banks like citibank,American Express and Wachovia in a career span of 6 yrs.In 2008 I got married and moved to know the drill.We moved back to bangalore early this year.Now, I would like to get back into the workforce.What are my prospects?will I have to start from scratch?thanking you in anticipation.
30 Jun 2016, 10:39am
Hi Durga, Pleasure to hear from you. You are in India's Silicon Valley , you dont have to start from scratch but you may have to alter your expectations of where you would have envisaged yourself to be had you not taken a break career wise. That is not bad to begin with because the right attitude will help you land an opportunity that you will like and you can make a difference in. First ask yourself if you truly want to be employed full time or need flexibility to manage home and family and come back to the corporate side a little later. Second, reconnect with any colleagues who are still in the exact same line of work as you were in a couple of years back. Know what;s new and happening on that side of the world and what if anything has changed. If it is something you dont know, ensure you have a list ready of what you need to do a quick refresher on Third, invest some time to determine if there is a course you might want to take up which enhances your employment prospects and gets you back into the "groove", it may be a significant decision that takes commitment and perseverance but it will pay off Last, does a startup interest you? How about multiple hatting on many many areas and contributing to the entire effort? Bangalore is the place to be and with your depth of experience, a startup could be a great choice to set things in motion best of luck and let me know how it goes
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Hi Durga,

Pleasure to hear from you. You are in India's Silicon Valley , you dont have to start f

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monika asked

HI mam.After 5 yrs experience in IT as a techie i wish to switch to Digital Marketing.Although the switch seems to be dicey for me as what i know is to move ahead and reach to the top but whether this is the domain that would be helpful or not ,i dont know.Please guide me through.
17 Jun 2016, 07:53am
Hi Monika, I have a question to ask you first: Why digital marketing? Why not the following: a. specialization in IT on the Sofwtware/Gardware Development side or b. branching out into Project Management or Program Management in IT/Health c. Product management and managing and building products d. Marketing/Sales The reason I ask the above is I would like to understand the reasons behind the choice of Digital marketing as a career alternative. Its a great option and in the world which is fast moving from analogue to digital, there is a sea change in how marketeers reach out to their Target Groups. Hence, the best time to be here. However, since you dont have previous background, the easiest way would be to get a certification or an online course completed to understand the basics and working on a few projects as well to get the application area sorted. The demand will only ruse and having tech skills helps in more ways than you can imagine. Hence, it is definitely a good career choice but please do think of why before you opt out of your IT career. Thank you and let me know how it goes. All the best
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Hi Monika,

I have a question to ask you first: Why digital marketing? Why not the following:

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Deep Shikha asked

hello Mam, I m Shikha An MBA finace worked with JP Morgan...i got married in 2010 and had to quit my job due to personal reason but Now i want to restart my career which can be suitable for me n can easily manage my personal n professional life...kindly suggest something which have a regular timing... cant go fir shift jobs thank u in advance
16 Jun 2016, 06:58am
Hi Deep Shikha, Thanks for reaching out. You can do a lot to leverage your educational background and precious work. I understand your question but want more information on 1. how you see yourself in the corporate or startup world? 2. Does any industry excite you other than pure Finance? 3. If you prefer to remain independent and outside of a formal institution then do you feel you would like to work in Finance or any other area- academics, marketing, social impact, health etc? 4. What are your passions? 5. Do you want to work full time or work for a few hours everyday and flexi? I will wait to hear back from you. All the best
06 Jul 2016, 11:12am View Less
Hi Deep Shikha,

Thanks for reaching out. You can do a lot to leverage your educational background

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Unanswered Questions

Maria asked

Hi Monica. I am a Banker with nearly 5 years of comprehensive Banking experience in different verticals- Customer Engagement, Operations Handling, People management. I had to leave my job as we moved to Canada 3 years back, but now we moved back to India for good and had 2 wonderful kids in the meantime. I am not getting the right opportunities to kick start my career again. I was the Regional Manager for Direct Banking during my last stint. I am finding it difficult to get back into the Corporate world.
15 Dec 2016, 04:46pm
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Chaitanya asked

Hi Monica, I am an MBA graduate specialized in Finance & International Business carrying 4.5 years of experience. As of now I am on a break from an year due to my spine issue. Can you advise on what kind of jobs I can choose going forward or would you suggest any course which adds value to my career growth.Confused between a Havard online degree, job in my field or a part time work as I am unemployed from one year.
02 Dec 2016, 06:25pm
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Neha asked

Hi, I was working in a reputed bank. My profile was to handle Corporate Loans..However, due to certain personal reasons I have left my job. Now i want to start working from Home.. Which all profile will suit me and also which all companies will offer the same, Can you please help me with this regard.
27 Nov 2016, 06:42pm
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Soundarya asked

hi, I am soundarya, i just completed my engineering degree last year and due to my personal interests in banking sector i completed a diplomo in banking operations and i was working with a leading corporate banking untill last month I have only a year of experience but i have to quit my job for my family you know they dont want me to work in chennai, so they asked me to move back my native city coimbatore (since 'they include my single mom and a younger brother' i can't leave them alone for a career) i really look forward for a challenging career i am very optimistic and enthusiastic, fast learner i know i'll have a bright future. but i dont know from where do i start my job search in banking industry ?? i have lot of oppurtunities but i want one my native itself.... thank you
01 Sep 2016, 01:38pm
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Sithara asked

Hi Monica, i'm a BTech IT graduate with 5.9 years of experience in banking as Asst Manager. I quit that job recently in May 2016 due to personal reasons.i'm looking for a work from home job so that i can easily manage my family.please let me know what are the current work from home options in the market related to banking or otherfield so that i can continue my career.
31 Aug 2016, 09:49pm
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Hi mam, Im certified Project management Professional (PMP) from PMI and mechanical design engineer over 9 years and above experience in different sectors. Currently i m on a break since from two years due to abroad transfers and family issues. But during break also I was regularly trying for the flexible jobs or part time jobs, but there is no luck. I have been attached with sheroes since a year and half but not getting any help. I have applied lots of jobs and with lots of job webs but cant get responses. Now im getting consultants call who are taking money for anykind of services .dont know how genuine are they? Well mam, if you can help me in getting jobs at Hyderabad location. especially flexible jobs /part time/ work from home . It will be greatful.
31 Aug 2016, 05:33pm
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Nikita asked

Hello, I am Nikita..I have nearly 4 years experience in Finance/Accounting process such as Tax, Fund accounting and Expenses auditing. I have been on and off with the corporate job due to health issues. I am looking for a flexible job/work from home/freelance in similar field. Could you please suggest what options will be . suitable for me. my education is MBA Finance. Do I need to take any learning courses to leverage my profile. Thank you.
22 Aug 2016, 12:21pm
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Shailaja asked

Hi, I started as a software engineer and have aorked for around 13 years in the BFSI technology and payments space. In 2012 I took a break did my executive management from IIMB and then worked on my own venture for 2 years. I am now looking to go back to a job in the FinTech space. My resume does not seem to get shortlisted in many places due to frequent changes. How can I get back to another stint in my career?
17 Aug 2016, 05:46pm
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kuljot asked

Hi i am kuljot kaur..... i have recently completed my graduation and have done ACCP course from aptech and DTP course from NIIT. But i want to start my career and i am a liitle bit confused as i have applied for jobs but they all are somewhere or the other fraud so please guide me what to do next and how to judge
09 Aug 2016, 12:15pm
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huma sakina asked

hi,I am Sakina ,a chartered accountant .i am on a career break from 6 years due to responsibilities towards family.i was working with KPMG and Deloitte before quitting my job.I was promoted to Assistant Manager .I want to start my career once again ,initially working from home because i have a toddler who hads just started going to school. Please can you guide me .
05 Aug 2016, 10:36am
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Reshu Varshney asked

Hello mam, I did MBA from Finance and International Business. Thereafter, I joined UCO Bank as a scale II Manager and then I have to leave my job due to health issues. Now I want to start afresh, not in banking. Please guide me as to how to start again? Whether to do some course? If so, from where? and what course? If not how to prepare myself again?
29 Jul 2016, 09:43am
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pooja asked

hello Mam, I have banking expirience for 2 years . and wanted to start my careeer with work from home. where i can put myself in a great position
24 Jul 2016, 03:12am
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Neha asked

Hi Ms/Mrs. Monica Jasuja I seek your guidance to restart my career. I possess experience of 4 years and 8 months with Indian Overseas Bank as Assistant Manager, with specialization in Foreign Exchange. My highest qualification is MCA. Due to some domestic problems I quit job and there is a break of almost 2 years. I have floated my resume on various job portals, but not getting any response. I wanted to know what are my prospects of getting back to the workforce and how to start with? Please guide me through.
11 Jul 2016, 07:36am
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Prajwal asked

Hello Madam, I have 8+ years of experience in Customer Service and Finance (AR & Credit). I quit my job in 2013 as i was getting married to a planter. Even though i had plans to get a work from home job then, i was not able to as i did not have internet connection at that time. Now, i have moved to another location where i am able to get internet connection. I am looking for work from home jobs in particular. I have updated my profile with all my details but not sure what next.
21 Jun 2016, 10:42am
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Poonam asked

Hello Mam, I am Poonam from hyderabad. I am an MBA Finance and have got a bachelor degree in banking and Finance. Iam interested in building a career in banking field but have no corporate experience in same. Have worked with deloitte in past but no banking experienc. Can you suggest me something. It's been 3 yrs that I am not working I got married n between and had to quit but now I want to start over again. Thanks
15 Jun 2016, 08:19am
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