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Deepa Gandhi

I am a dietician by education but a multitasker. I am a blogger on various topics as I love writing. Read my blogs here- and

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25 Oct,16
5 Factors Causing Weight Gain

Weight gain can be due to many different reasons. It is not only due to over eating or lack of exercise. Sometimes it can be due to hormonal imbalance, side effects of some pills, or some disorder.

Whether it’s hormonal, a medication side effect, or something else, one need to consult a proper dietician or doctor to know the exact reason.

Here is a list of few small things which can lead to weight gain if proper care not taken-

  1. Sleep deprivation - Read more-

I am Mphil in Foods and nutrition. I am a blogger, freelance nutritionist, choreographer and an event manager. I love writing and dancing. I run my own dance school just to follow my passion. My second passion is writing. I started writing blogs to follow this passion. You can follow me on and for my blogs on everything.

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