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Ridhima asked

Hie Hiti, Ridhima this side. I am Banker by profession and pursuing MBA from Narsee MoNjee, Mumbai. I have a experience of 2 years in the banking and finacial services. Currently, working in Kotak MAhindra Bank as a corporate acquisition. Prior to this i worked in ICICI Prudential AMC as a financial advisior. As, a corporate acquisiton RM i need to go here and there. Now, I dont want to continue the job as i got tired. And, m not gaining any knowledge or new things. Its to monotonous to do a similar job. Now i want to start up my business but, I dont know what to do as per my skills.Please guide me.
22 May 2017, 07:04pm
Dear Riddhima. It is apparent that your weak state of mind and dislike of your current job profile has created confusion regarding sticking to your job or switching to another job/ business. \nChoices are always available but in a weakened state of mind one is unable to perceive them rationally. With a powerful mind you will be in the position to view choices and take decisions after weighing the pro's and con's with crystal clarity - whether to quit/switch or start your own business. \nYou need to enhance the power of your mind which has been neglected. No matter what you do, even if it is a monotonous job, it is most important to LIKE & ENJOY it to keep your morale high as it boosts the power of your mind. Deriving happiness in any situation is entirely in one’s control irrespective of external situations, hence, do not feel disheartened nor allow your mind to waver on small happenings by expecting wonders in the daily routine of a job. Success is hidden in patience & persistence that itself opens doors to new and unexpected opportunities for growth, when you least expect it.\nIt is easy to elevate and enhance the power of your mind by simply adopting the right and positive attitude - after doing so you will enjoy everything that you take up and whether at work, at home or in relationships, you will experience a deeper sense of joy. If you take up this one single decision of Staying Positive come what may, your whole life can be altered beyond imagination - all options will be suddenly visible and viable.\nIn case you seek further guidance on switching jobs/setting up a business and/or how to boost your morale on a daily basis when small things begin to bother and affect you in larger ways, feel free to contact or visit me at my office. You can reach me at 9820577527 or\n
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Dear Riddhima. It is apparent that your weak state of mind and dislike of your current job profile h

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Khushboo asked

Hi Hita! I am Khushboo here.\ni have done mba in finance from wellingkar college after completing bcom in podar. I am based out of mumbai. I worked for a year in ICICI securities as a financial adviser and post that joined joined the family business in gems and jewellery sector. I got married two years back into a marwari family and still continue to work in the fathers family business.\nHowever since its family business there is less level of seriousness from this side of the family and I am expected to stay back as and when there is even a smallest thing. Also my commute time is too much and hence I dont know what to do and how to go about starting something afreash. I am so confused . please guide me
20 May 2017, 01:25am
Dear Khushboo\n\nIt is great to see your brimming passion to be independent. \n\nI understand that you are torn in confusion. The reason for this is due to your not being able to decide between your profession that makes you happy and your family business that makes your family happy at your cost. \n\nNow the choice lies solely with you whether you want to pursue your independent career while making them understand it's significance for you OR developing the family business (there is huge scope for an MBA like you to scale the business of gems & jewelry too) but doing so wholeheartedly. FYI- I too have contributed in my family business of gems and jewelry, in addition to other works.\n\nWhatever option you choose, do so after weighing the pros and cons, thereafter abandon all other questions of self-doubt that may arise which is most important to be able to work with passion. Without passion no work will bring you inner satisfaction that is key. \n\nSince you are based in Mumbai, I would encourage and invite you to visit my office in Juhu to understand the details and better discuss the available options. You can reach me at 9820577527 or
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Dear Khushboo\n\nIt is great to see your brimming passion to be independent. \n\nI understand that y

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Ridhima Chadha

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