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neha asked

hello mam, i am physiotherapist by profession but due to some family commitments i am not able to continue a regular job, can you suggest me any option that can work for me, where i can do work from home......
25 May 2017, 10:33am
hey hi...\ni would strongly recommend you to register yourself on onl;ine platform ...like ....lybrate or practo..\nFor physiotherapy we also have option on urban clap..\nyou can also then open a online consulation forum on whatsap or viber ..\nhope this small idea helps you..\nrest we can always discuss ....and i am open for further queries
27 May 2017, 11:21am View Less
hey hi...\ni would strongly recommend you to register yourself on onl;ine platform ...like ....lybra

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Venus asked

hi,\ni am an unemployed 45 year old dentist ,i have 12 years of experience in dentistry in india and abroad..however i am unable to find a sutiable job here in india for eight years now..the clinics which have vacancies..do not have good quality materilas or equipments and treating patients in those clinics may actually harm the patients..moreover the salary they offer is not enough to cover food and travel expenses..so i started studying for mds enbtrance exams..its my third attempt this year..my parents send em money to cover my basic expenses..but as i feed stray dogs in my neighbourhood(i put all the feeding videos on facebook),i don't have enough money for dogs or myself..so i need a small job parttime..either online or otherwise..which does not involve a lot of travel..where i can earn about rs.4000 or rs.5000 a month..i cannot do sales and marketing..i have a flat of my own in vasai..mumbai..and computer and internet connection..if someone teaches me coding which can lead to an income ,i would be glad to learn that too..also if it is required,i could also,thta would also help..\n\n\nthanks,\n\ndr.venus john\n\ncell no.09766819278\n\nec69,b4,evershine city,vasai east-401208\n\nmumbai\n\n\nhttps://www.facebook.com/venusjon
12 Jul 2017, 04:02pm
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neha kaushik
Venus John

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