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Ashwini asked

Hi Ankita,\n\nFirst of all,....your profile is very impressive:-). one of the reasons to seek your g
Hi Ankita,\n\nFirst of all,....your profile is very impressive:-). one of the reasons to seek your guidance.\n\nWell,...Myself Ashwini, I am a B.E graduate and have 4.5 years of IT experience\n(Manual Testing field). I am on break from 2011 Aug to raise family. Now, everything seems to be slowly settling down at home w.r.t kids,I am planning to restart my career. \nI want to start a fresh and I found this Digital marketing interesting.\nI planned to take some online courses/clear certifications and then to look \nfor a job as i have very minimal level of knowledge on DM .. \n\nSo I need some guidance from you as you are expertise in this.\n1.Whether i can make use of my previous exp in manual testing to get job in DM field? cz i dont want to undersell myself by joining as intern/fresher for less salary (cz its not good for any type of career growth)\n2.if at all my experience helps in DM, on which module of DM I should concentrate more.\n\nfyi..\n1.I created a brand page on FB "Toyzkart" to help my family business (wooden toys) in 2014.\nand also I am managing it, like writing description, taking pix of Products, uploading photos,interacting with customers etc\nrest everything is taken care by my other family members.this works needs half day/week..and I am not earning anything here.its sort of help. Cant be highlighted in c.v to get job as this page is created from a business(very small)perspective,not for applying job.\nwhy i mentioned this here is to tell that i worked on something related to DM :-)\n2.And also I want to work full time, at-least part time..I know we can do freelancing/wfh to gain experience and then try for full time.But I dont want to gain experience by WFH. cz its not comfortable with two kids here!!\nIt would be really helpful if you make some time to respond to my message to guide in my career path.
01 Jun 2017, 06:14pm
Thank you, Ashwini, for your kind words. I hope whatever little experience I have will be helpful in advising you with your situation. To keep it short, start with social media marketing, since you've already had a taste of what it involves. Read up on social media marketing on blogs by Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot and so on to learn more about it. And then if you're into coding, you can bring on more digital marketing strategies into your portfolio. I started with content writing and website development, simply because I was passionate about it. So first thing is you ask if you're really satisfied with social media marketing. And then go on about it. You can search for WFH jobs here on Sheroes, and outside too. Also, make sure you update your LinkedIn profile updated with your experiences, no matter how little or insignificant it might seem to you at this time. I myself had taken many small projects when I was just starting out, which unfortunately I didn't add to my portfolio at the right time, and I don't want that to happen to you. It's better to have some experience than no experience at all. So always keep your profile updated. I work 40 hours per week from home with a 3-year-old in tow, so I can very well understand the limitations of working from home. But it IS possible. If I can do it, so can you. And lastly, I can't comment on your manual testing field because truthfully speaking, I don't understand if there can be any relation between that and digital marketing because I am simply not familiar with it. So I've refrained from commenting on it. However, you should send out feelers to your network, people you knew from your old job(s) that you are now into Digital marketing and could really use their help in getting back to your career. Surprisingly, a lot of people are willing to help, if you ask nicely. For further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at agd at anksimage dot com. Thank you!
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Thank you, Ashwini, for your kind words. I hope whatever little experience I have will be helpful in

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