Sep 26
Webinar - The Basics of Blogging Online 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
102 are going
11:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs

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Want to start a blog? Have you been contemplating for too long?

Blogging is like swimming, you can learn as much theory as you can but unless you actually jump in, you will never learn. 

It's time to jump in, wade and learn with experience.

So what's a blog?

Consider it like a diary that is available on the internet for everyone to read.

I can do it!

There are 150 million blogs in the world, so how ready are you? How will your blog differentiate from the others?

There are only 3 fundas here.

Consistency, good content and marketing.

Consistency- Very important to make a presence felt and keep it fueled. Only 20% blogs in the world are active or actually end up making money. 

Good news, your competition is with that 30 million only!!

Bad news, It's still 30 million!

A good question to start will be why you want to blog?

  • If the motivation is right, it can take you a long way. If it's a whim, you will fizz out even before you start. 
  • Blogging is real work, a countless number of hours involved.
  • Still sure. Superb now let's get down to real work. 

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps:

Learn how to create a blog in about 30 minutes following these steps:

  • Pick a Blog name
  • Get your Blog online
  • Customize your blog
  • Write & publish your first post!
  • Promote your Blog
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