Dec 16
Workshop on Stock Market Investment Gurgaon 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs
Sector 45 Gurgaon

Details about the event

This workshop will cover broadly:
1) The basics of stock market, How it works , various terminology used etc.
2) How one can start i.e opening of dmat account, DP etc.
3) Understanding of Fundamental aspects of investment i.e what is company, share, equity, financial statements, Annual reports etc.
4) Technical and behaviour aspects i.e about charts, technical indicators, candles and chart patterns , risk reward etc.

Technical Aspects of stock selection

Risk Management techniques

  • Two - time tested trading strategies with which you can start successful trading immediately.
  • You would learn about the ultimate edge that you must have to be a successful full-time trader or investor
  • You would get everything you need to get started with investing or trading, which includes trading and “DEMAT” account, analysis software.
  • You would get a free 6-week trial of our mentorship and advisory services.
  • You would get personal attention to all your queries and intrigues regarding stock markets as we are deliberately keeping the workshop participants number strength to low.

To cut the long take away from the workshop short, post the workshop and trials we guarantee that you would be able to make confident and money-making steps in stock markets for your life time. Limited seats, so you need to act fast.

For more details, to know about the trainers and to register yourself, please click the link and submit the form.

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