Oct 24
Webinar: Why Analytics is a great career for women online 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
169 are going
208 are interested
169 are going
208 are interested
12:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs

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About the session 

Analytics and Data Science are the most popular career options right now, more so for women. A large number of the industry workforce in analytics is made up of women, and going forward, this trend is only going to be on the rise. It's time to upskill and be future ready, as there was no better time than now to be a woman in analyics. The webinar will explore the different reasons to choose analytics and ways to build a career in analytics. The speaker herself is an experienced analytics professional.


What is Analytics and Data Science?

Data science is the domain or industry focused on working with all aspects of data - from data collection to analysis and reporting. Data analytics is the name of the skill (and art form) of working with data to draw insights. Business analytics is the practice of applying the concepts of data science inside a business setting.

Analytics involves framing research questions, defining and conducting experiments, collecting data, analysing the data with tools and business domain knowhow, interpreting the results and communicating the results to stakeholders - along with recommendations for future action.


Why is it important?

Data is at the heart of everything we do. Technology and science have disrupted traditional businesses with such force and velocity that it’s impossible for a business to thrive without data today. Technological advancements have increased the number of devices and systems that can generate data. To make sense of the data, we need trained and skilled analytics professionals who can derive insights from the data to understand its implications.

Professionals with diverse analytics skills are in high demand. If you can work with data and communicate with stakeholders, you are at the top of the recruitment interest list.

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