Jul 06
Tech in Asia Conference Banglore 2016
Hosted by SHEROES
09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs
Manpho Convention Centre

Details about the event

About Event:

Tech in Asia wants to support women in tech who are paving the way for a more gender-balanced workforce. And this is why 200 complimentary passes have been set aside for you. As long as you're a female working in tech, Tech in Asia's first conference in Bangalore on July 6 & 7 welcomes you! 


Day 1

Investor Stage: Getting face time with investors is easier said than done. That’s why TIA Bangalore 2016 is bringing the region’s best and brightest VCs right to you. Here’s how:

– Build an Investor Stage
– Give 6 awesome VC firms (and their portfolio companies) time on stage
– Guarantee entry to every Bootstrap Alley founder

These sessions will be intimate and founder-focused. It’s a chance for you to learn more about potential investors and also get real feedback from some prominent founders. This isn’t the time for posturing. This is about becoming better founders and finding the right people who can help you on your journey. Questions encouraged. Networking required.

Scale Stage: Building a great company never gets any easier, and neither does funding it. The ins and outs of seed stage term sheets are well known by now, but the complexity of later funding stages requires a new set of skills. What are the terms you need? Which ones are deal breakers? Should you use valuations as a weapon in the talent war? Get the answers to these questions and more here.

  • How to Scale Your Burn Rate

With great funding comes great expectations for perks. And great strain on your burn rate. Regardless of the economic climate, responsible spending is a must for startups. But when you have multi-millions of investor capital in your bank account, how do you determine what expenses are wasteful? If you want to keep your startup’s runway as long as possible, don’t miss this session.

  • How to Scale Consumer Retention and Happiness

It’s become an all too common sight: startup creates winning product, gets major investment, expands rapidly, and then collapses in a flurry of consumer anger. How can you break that cycle? Learn the latest techniques and you’ll never have to fear social media again

  • How to Scale SaaS Sales in a Red Sea

SaaS sales in a crowded market quickly turn bloody. With so many competitors, how do you stick out above the rest? Be it your technology, sales technique, customer service, or marketing, you need an edge and you need to sustain it. Find out how from our panel of experts in this session.

  • How to Scale Your Culture

If you solve the calculus of culture and build a company full of A-players who shatter expectations and feel like family, your startup might be the real unicorn. The tough part is evolving your culture as the team expands and the stakes get higher. What new cultural priorities appear as the startup grows? Which ones become less important? And what can you never compromise on? Learn all about it at this session.

Day 2

Entry Stage: After exhaustive user surveys and on-the-ground reconnaissance, you know it’s time to reset the clock to zero and start building from scratch in an overseas market. But there are a million question marks. Who are the right partners? What are the quirks of B2B or B2C sales? What will the tech scene really be like in your new home? How can you start deciphering the steps to success?


Entry Stage is a series of panels from local tech leaders designed to give you the knowledge and direction needed for your new venture to take off. We will be covering Asia, America, and more!

Developer Stage: Developing for Internet Newbies

India’s 277 million internet users are expected to double to 459 million by 2019. What are the first apps they will use? How will they decide what sites and services they need? If your company is getting ready to target this new pool of users, this is one session you won’t want to miss.

  • Progressive Web Apps: The web is back

With new features in the web platform, it’s now possible to build a fast, robust, and engaging app-like experience on the web. While the web has always had the advantage of reach through the power of links, it’s now gaining native like features for working with flaky/offline internet and re-engaging users with push notifications and home screen icons. Join Salvador to learn how to leverage Service Workers, Web Push, and W3C Web App Manifests to build a better user experience.

Speaker: Salvador de la Puente González, Software Engineer, Mozilla

How We Built It: It takes 400 work hours, 83 e-mails, 21 client meetings, 3 sleepless nights of brainstorming, and 1 unexpected epiphany to make a user smile. In this session, we will hear from an up and coming Indian startup about their journey to capturing those users. But be advised – this is not a founder’s interview and we aren’t waiting for the origin story. Grab a seat if you want to hear about the technical challenges and the developer war stories that saved the day.

Attendees with a Women Entrepreneur Pass will be granted access to all conference segments (except for Investor Stage). 

Registration for Women Entrepreneur Pass: Free


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