Sep 16
Save Your Child (1 yr and above) Life in Emergency Delhi 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
10:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs
Dwarka, Sector 7

Details about the event

You are a smart parent but your children keep giving you challanges. You love your child and would never wish any mishappening for them. But life is unpredictable. CHOKING is a serious situation, and may occur with any child. In majority of cases, food is the most common cause; however in children toys and other small objects can also potentially cause choking. This condition, if not handled promptly, may lead to the loss of life. Just back slapping may not help in such emergency situation. 
Do not think that watching videos online would help you in that situation as you may freeze when actual situation comes. It is always better to be prepared, learn and practice the skills to save life of your child. 

Handling choking in infants is different than handling choking in children 1 yr and above (in both responsive and unresponsive child). Get enrolled in this workshop to KNOW HOW !

Save your Child ( ≥1 yr) Life in Emergency is divided into 2 series (for better understanding and practice):
Series I: Choking in children (action required when child is responsive)
Series II: Choking in children (what to do when child becomes unresponsive)

You may either attend Series I or both the series. We highly recommend you to attend both the series. 

Though this workshop is for all the parents, but anyone can attend it. Those who are working and can't attend the workshop can enroll their parents (grandparents) for this workshop, so that your child's safety is ensured in their hands. 

Note: Rehkul is observing August-December 2017 as Senior Citizens' celebration months, so offering 50% discount to all the senior citizen's for attending any workshop/session during these months

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