Sep 09
Save Your Baby's Life in Emergency (Series I & II) Delhi 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
10:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs
9 September: Dwarka, sector-7

Details about the event

You are expecting a child soon and are very excited. It's a new journey to parenthood. All the best!

It is said that becoming a parent is still easy than being a good parent. First year with child is full of roller-coaster. Newborn child is so tiny and delicate, that parents have to keep their eyes glued to them 24*7 to make sure nothing happens to them. There may come many situations, where you will have to act promptly to save your child. Infants put things in their mouths. In fact, they put pretty much anything in their mouth, especially if they are teething. And this is the most frightening situation, which may lead to CHOKING. Even if you baby-proof play areas and supervise infants, there is always a chance they could choke on something they find or eat. CHOKING, if not attended immediately, leads to suffocation & death of the child. 

You read a lot of articles on internet but you may freeze when actual situation comes. It is always better to be prepared and learn the skills to save life of your child.

Save Your Baby's Life in Emergency is divided into 2 series (for better understanding and practice):
Series I: Choking in infants (action required when baby is responsive)
Series II: Choking in Infants (action required when baby becomes unresponsive)

You may either attend Series I or both the series. We highly recommend you to attend both the series . You can expect a lot of practice on dummy in both the series of the workshop.

Though this workshop is for you, to-be-parents/young parents, but anyone can attend it. Those who are working and can't attend the workshop can enroll their parents (to-be-grandparents) for this workshop, so that your child's safety is ensured in their hands.

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