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International Conclave on Women Empowerment Bihar 2017

18 Feb 2017
09:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs
Rs 1300 - Rs 2100
Purnia, Bihar


When and Where

An International Conclave on Women Empowerment – is being held in Purnia, Bihar,  on 18th  & 19th  February 2017. Various conclaves and seminars on women empowerment have been organized in the past in the country, but most of them in big cities. India has not experimented adequately on women empowerment, especially in remote villages, lower strata (economically nonviable), and slums. Smaller towns and villages generally remain ignored. The need and the urgency to reach out to women from smaller places, especially the north eastern states that remain unnoticed, has given birth to an idea of organizing the Conclave in the small town, Purnia, Bihar. 


This conclave will include and invite womenfolk from different strata and professional fields of the society to come together and discuss with the panellists the socially threatening incidents happening with women in the country and bring out a comprehensive solution.


We, through this International Conclave intend to bring together men and women from different fields and areas of work, who believe in women empowerment and have a craving to bring a desired change in lives of women who are oppressed, neglected, and devoid of the basic education, on a single platform. Brainstorming this topic with reverend like-minded people from varied fields, such as journalism, cinema, literature, entrepreneurs, technology,defence, security, government sectors, sports, etc., would definitely impact the thoughts, ideas and strategies based on which local social workers and government employees are implementing plans. 


Distinguished women from sports, defence, security, agriculture, corporate sectors,finance, literature and several international personalities are expected to attend the event. This will be the biggest platform for women entrepreneurs, people from varied sectors/industries ,institutions and educational bodies to connect , interact and hear out plans and the implementation of several prospective ideas , marketing solutions, innovative steps for mutual growth.


This event in all its uniqueness is going to leave an indelible mark on everyone’s mind. The main focus of the Conclave, that is the empowerment of women economically, socially, politically, and legally, can bring sea changes in the whole society, make the nation strong, and help India take a big stride toward the list of developed countries. College and university professors, students, media professionals, and female entrepreneurs can use the takeaway from the Conclave and exercise in making Indian women strong. The outcome of this effort  will help us in a drive toward motivating and empowering women from each nook and corner, which is the only way to bring India to a level of other developed countries. The ulterior motive of this Conclave is to  connect women and people to ideas and plans coming from different parts of the world. 

Our Outreach Partner- “SHEROES”

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Program Details:

Day 1

Tea and breakfast :
Arrival on Venue :
Ceremonial welcome:     9:30–10:30 am
Keynote address 10:30–10:40 am
Chief guest’s address: 10:40–10:50 am
Tea break: 10:50 – 11: 10 am 

Program Details:  

11:10 to 1:00 & 2:00 to 4:00pm)

Hall -1  Paper presentation  

Max capacity : 250 people

Language :  English

Topics :    

1.Role of NGOs and the Clash of Competencies
2. Medicalization of Motherhood: Is the Modern Woman free to make a choice?
3.Work Life Balance in Women - Is it truly an empowering experience
4. Reflections of Women on their ministry - Or is it refracting? 
5. Examining the scope of Media and Literature in Women Empowerment Awareness. 
                Hall -2     

Max capacity : 250 people

Language: Hindi /English  


1.    My story/journey 
2.    Domestic violence and solutions
3.    Women in male dominated fields
4.    New beginning / new hopes of progress/change.

Hall – 3       Hindi/English


  1. Cottage industries: Stories/Schemes, funding and microfinance
  2. Girl Child education : Requirement, state govt schemes,benefits, vocational training and providing employment.
  3. Swacch bharat
  4. Computer shiksha- Digital empowerment and literacy 
  5. ESSI – earning, saving, spending and investing in special girl child schemes
  6. Employment in : BSF,Railways, banking, farming, Trade, mining, other infrastructure services,Healthcare( Short information by representatives of  companies/corporates/institutions putting up stalls)

Hall- 4       Hindi

1.    Women’s rights- gender issues focus on sexual harassment
2.    Health care and hygiene: Functional medication, Nutrition, Sanitation
3.    Managing Conflict and solving concerns with special focus on marital discords.

Tea break:             4:30–4:50 pm.        
Day 2
Introductory speech:     9:30–9:40 am
Address by Guest of day:      9: 40 to 9: 50
Short movie/ special feature  on women empowerment 9:50 to 10:00

Panel 1:    
Topic : Women and Entrepreneurship: Is the global buzz around innovation really helping the modern women renovate themselves as a community ?  (9:40–10:40 am)

Panel 2:             
:  Women in male dominated sectors and profession 10:40–11:40 am)

Tea break: 11:40 am to 12:00 noon

Panel 3:  
Topic : Empowerment and Development: Can we trace broad skill sets that empower women's strides towards Development as community?   (12:00 noon to 1:00 pm)

Lunch break: 1:00–2:00 pm

Panel 4:             
: Women and Expression: The genesis of the idea behind femininity, humility and virtue. Why are words and body language so stigmatized and gender stereotyped? (2:00–3:00 pm)

Closing Ceremony:    5:30–6:00 pm


Member : 1500/-
Non Member: 2100/-
Delegate : 1500/-
Bulk Booking above 5 nos.  1300/-

Registration fee includes tea, refreshments and lunch for 18th and 19th Feb 2017.






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