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Dheya Parent's Community - Parenting for Career Success Mumbai 2017

15 Jan 2017
09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
RS 5000/= plus taxes per person
Andheri, Mumbai


Parenting Issues?? Is handling children and their studies/ school pressure a challenge for you?

Join Dheya’s Parenting Community where we collaborate in a conducive positively charged environment to learn “Parenting for Career Success”!

Career is always a long term decision. You have to spend more time and commitment to understand and take a decision.

“Parent Community Program” of Dheya also called “?????????????” or “Purposeful Parenting”, being launched on 15 Jan 2017 in Mumbai, is focused on ensuring that parents learn to understand their children and help them build positive thoughts and achieving habits early in life.

Dheya has a large Pan-INDIA team of trained and certified career mentors on their indigenously developed Indian system of psychometrics (Reliability Tested), who are all highly qualified senior professionals with at least 15 years of corporate work experience, parents themselves, and are specially selected positive minded people with a passion to serve society.  The main theme of this community will be “My Child is Unique and is entitled to a Happy and Fulfilled career and life”.

Dheya’s Vision is “Happy Careers-->Fulfilling Livelihoods--> Productive India”. These mentors will be your partners in this community who will connect with you one on one to be your life long partners in this lovely journey of parenting.

Parents will be entitled to a lifelong membership into Dheya’s community and will get access to research as well as attractive discounts on products and services of Dheya. In addition, these Career Development Facilitators will be allocated to parents who will cater to all career as well as parenting needs.

Who should Attend

All parents are welcome to join for this enlightening and enriching program. 20% discount is being offered if the spouse joins in for the session.

What will be the duration?

The workshop will be of 8hrs duration where 4 modules of activities will be conducted. The membership will be life-long with an aim to nurture the future of the children.

The process:

  1. Register on SHEROES
  2. The organizer shall send you a personalized email with further details.






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