Feb 21
Asexuality Workshop Mumbai 2018
Hosted by SHEROES
10:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs
91 Springboard, Andheri East, Mumbai

Details about the event

After 4 very successful workshops in Delhi, and 2 in Bangalore, Indian Aces are bringing their one of a kind, and India's first workshop series explaining #Asexuality to Mumbai!

Venue: 91 Springboard, Andheri East, Mumbai
Date: 24th Feb, 25th Feb
Time: 10 am to 1.30 pm. Entry opens 9.30 am

Agenda: Understanding the nuances of human Sexuality through a novel model, using a conceptual understanding of Asexuality. 
The workshop serves as an excellent tool to understand Sexuality as a complex amalgamation of human traits as against the uni-dimensional model often portrayed. 

It is open to public, and suitable for every one who wishes to deeply understand Sexuality and Asexuality.

Are you ready to have all your notions of Sexuality broken down and built up afresh from scratch? Get ready for a day of unlearning and relearning.

Ideal for: 
-Asexual folk trying to understand themselves better
-Curious people in general who like to learn new things
-LGBTQIA activists and leaders
-LGBTQIA community members, who'd like to understand their sexuality better 
-Psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals/activists
-Academicians studying this space of gender/sex/sexuality
-Those working with sexuality/sexual health space
-Those working with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma
-Gender activists, feminists
-Doctors, health professionals, or those in allied fields
-Those struggling to understand their own or a loved one's sexuality/sexual orientation

What to expect at the workshop:
1. A highly educational, comprehensive workshop on the concepts of sexuality that is activity and game based.
2. Videos, debates and quizzes to stimulate and challenge you and your current beliefs on sexuality.
3. Group activities/games for you to get to know co-participants and network.
4. A potential talk and Q&A discussion with an #asexual and a #demisexual person.
5. A unique exercise to help you learn how to discover and articulate your sexuality in precise terms. 
6. Educational material to take back home with you for later reflection!
7. A research/academic table to read material collected from World Association for Sexual Health.
8. A supercute queer merchandise sale table.
9. A chance to be trained directly by the founder of the Indian Asexual collective, Dr. Pragati Singh

About the trainer: 
Dr. Singh is a medical doctor and has worked extensively in the public health fields of maternal, child, and reproductive health. 
In her personal time, she founded Indian Aces in 2014 and has been working pro-bono with the asexual community since. 
She was invited to present her research paper on Asexuality at the World Association of Sexual Health in Prague, Czech Republic, where her study was selected for poster as well as oral presentation, and published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine by Elsevier. 
Her study was also selected for presentation at the World Congress on Mental Health in Delhi, where it also won the award for Best Oral Paper received from Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi. 
The A/Sexuality workshop was also selected to be conducted as a part of the conference, and was received very well by the audience, comprised largely of psychologists and psychiatrists. 
She recently won a full scholarship to the National Sex Education conference in Atlanta, USA, and was also selected as a Mingle Youth Leader Summit held in Bangalore, India, recently. 
She has won many other awards and prizes for this work and is an ambassador with the American Sexual Health Association. 


About the Counseling session: 

This counseling session will be beneficial for those trying to work out aspects of their own sexuality better and struggling with terms and concepts and nuances at an individual level. If you been struggling with figuring out your orientation, your sexuality or your asexuality, or have you been wondering how to navigate through all the terms and labels out there and how exactly to identify yourself.. If you find it challenging to articulate and express your individual sexuality to others, this is for you!
This session is centered around one-on-one deep and personal discussions between the participants and the facilitator, Dr. Pragati Singh. 

What to expect at the counseling session:
1. Open discussions and sharing of personal experiences within a closed group of people, facilitated by Dr. Pragati.
2. An attempt to help you figure out aspects of your sexuality, including, but not limited to orientation.
3. A safe space for you to tell your story and listen to others who're in the same boat, with space for discussion and dialogue.
4. Personalized attention and consultation by throughout the session to each participant. 

(Please note this is not a therapy session)

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