Dec 17
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delhi 2017
Hosted by SHEROES
16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
Investopad, SDA Market, Delhi

Details about the event

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has made its way to every field possible, steamrolling the processes along its way. One such field is healthcare.

They say healthcare is a field that is not very rules based and a successful doctor is the one who leverages his/her experience to deal with complex and unseen cases. However, there are many low hanging fruits that are already being plucked by AI.

This trend is being fueled by increasing digitization in healthcare data and advances in new algorithms.

Some applications of Artificial Intelligence in Heathcare:

  • Aiding Histopathology
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Risk Prediction
  • Radiology
  • Automating Drug Discovery

Discussion on:

  • Leveraging AI to revolutionize and advance healthcare
  • Applications of AI in Healthcare

About the Speaker:

Angam Parashar, Co-Founder & CEO at Parallel Dots

After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he worked as a Business associate for Ecozen Solutions and later at Opera Solutions

About Parallel Dots

A three-year old start-up, Parallel Dots develops artificial intelligence-based solutions for different industry verticals

The solutions are used by companies mostly in healthcare and also financial technology, insurance and market research. Its clients are spread across India, Europe and the US

The company recently raised $1.4 million from US-based Multipoint Capital

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