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Application Deadline - 31 Dec 2017

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This Big Data program covers both the Data Engineering and Big Data Analytics process involved in storing, processing and managing Big Data - both structured an unstructured data, as well as the data analytics layer on top of Big Data systems, using both more traditional predictive models by connecting an analytics tool like R to Big Data Systems, as well as advanced ML algorithms on Big Data using Spark.

1. Program duration:24 weeks

2. Students study at the rate of10 hours/week

3. Access duration is 15 months


Parallel Processing Systems

• Introduction to Big data

• Hadoop and HDFS

Data Pre and Post Processing for Integration

• MapReduce

• Map Reduce Advanced

• Pig

• Hive

• Programming in Hive

Automating work-flow through Data Pipelining

• Data Extraction Tool

• Cloudera Distributions HUE & Impala

Big Data Analytics and Visualization

• Hbase and Oozie


Big Data Machine Learning

• Introduction to Analytics & Analytics Methodology

• Data Analysis &Preprocessing with R programming

Big Data Analytics with R

• Integrating R and Hadoop

• Exploratory Data Analysis

• Big Data Visualization

• Text Analytics & Social Media Case Study

Big Data Capstone

• Big Data Capstone

Machine Learning with Spark

• Introduction to Machine Learning

• Regression Algorithms

• Classifiers: Bayesian and kNN

• Tree Based Algorithms

• SVM and Improving Performance

• Introduction to Spark

• Internals of Spark

• Set-Up and Getting Started

• Spark Architecture

• Spark Components

• Spark R

• Spark Mllib

• Spark Case Studies

Advanced NoSql DBs

• Introduction to Cassandra

• Architecture of Cassandra

• Installation and Configuration of Cassandra

• Copy Bulk Data and Batch Statements

• Interfaces to Apache Cassandra

• Advanced Architecture

• Indexing and Aggregation

• Replication and Sharding

• Cluster Administration

• Introduction to big data and Real Time big data processing

• Introduction to STORM

• Storm Installation and configuration

• Storm advanced concepts

• Storm Interfaces

• Storm Trident

Salary Range :

India – Rs 7 to 12 lakhs at entry level

Global – $75,000 to $140,000

What does a Big Data Analyst do?

Manage and analyze large data sets i.e. Big Data

Growth curve:

Big Data Specialist – Become an expert at dealing with unstructured data

Chief Data Officer,Chief Big Data Specialist – Lead the companies data strategy


The Catalyst Approach

Learn through video lectures, live question and answer sessions conducted by the faculty, assignments, interactive case study workshops with senior faculty and industry mentors. Know more.

Jigsaw Learning Center

Gain free access to a variety of resources like handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts and student forums for your course duration

Faculty Assistance

Get all your course-related queries solved by the Jigsaw Faculty via email, phone and chat for your program duration.

Q&A Sessions

Have questions? Ask our analytics mentors during the 2 hour Q&A session every Saturday for your program duration

Jigsaw Lab

Access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools.

Career Counseling

Avail professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation and identification of relevant opportunities, for the analytics field.

Mobile App

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General Support

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After completing this, you would have acquired advanced skills in Big Data and you would be thoroughly ready for the promising Big Data job market.


This course is meant for anyone interested in a career in Big Data, IT or database professionals.

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