You Absolutely Shouldn’t Follow These Instagram Accounts

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It’s almost going to be 2017, and Instagram is still topping as the best picture app ever. Well why not? Don’t we love all those amazing filters that make our lives look amazing. Yes agreed, with the whole set of new features this year, Instagram has got us scrolling for hours and hours. A whole new set of viral memes to fashion to travel to luxury - Instagram doesn’t just stop.


We picked out few Instagram accounts for our SHEROES community to follow. We are not mentioning mainstream accounts (Pretty sure you already follow them!) We are talking about adding move variety to your feed. Accounts that might get you addicted. Accounts that make your Insta feed grab all your attention. You might not want to follow them as they might get you hooked to checking your phone again and again. You have been warned ;)



This account will make you want to redecorate. Total decor envy is guaranteed. The best part about this account is that it gives sustainable ideas that absolutely anyone can try. The accounts also leads to their website where you can find the entire How-to-do-it procedures. Be careful, you might find yourself shopping for decor more often.  





This account will make you jealous of pigs(?) Yep, you got that right. These pigs holiday at better places that we can ever imagine. Your feed will be blasted with the amazing life of these swimming babies in Bahamas. Never thought pigs could give us such travel envy!



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Ever imagined how it is to have 4 daughters - all under 8 years old? Clemmie Hooper’s account shows the fun life of a mom with twin toddlers and young daughters. She shares her journey of fun motherhood with her lovely little daughters. On her feed you can find honest chronicles of motherhood and a lot of cuteness. You will certainly be glued to this one! Watch out for her book as well  - How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out



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DIY lovers, this account will feed your fancy. Erica makes even Etsy look bad. Her feed is full from gorgeous looking DIYs. From food to arts to decor, she has a lot to offer on her feed. Her account will definitely inspire to get your inner Martha Stewart in action.




Desi food has never looked this good. Asha Shiv is amazing with her food shots. Her feed is refreshing because she takes a twist on the classic style and make it look fantastic. It settles all your cravings for food porn. You probably will stop ordering food and try your hands in the kitchen instead. #FoodGoals anyone?



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This account by Tania Debono will tantalise your writing feels. She beautifully curates photos with text that mentally challenges you. Give you that deja-vu vibe. Her stuff is powerful but not cliche. The wordplay will absolutely get you hooked.


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Well how can we miss this. Looking for inspiration? Or just beautiful women who we all should celebrate. You can find stories and features of amazing women who have worked their way up and are winning at life. Stories of women like you and me. Apart from that you can find bonus fun reads about #TakingCharge



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Overheard LA, as the account name suggests - their posts highlight cool things people overheard in LA. You’ll be forever entertained by all the sarcastic/mean/quirky things people have to say. The best part is that their curation is also user generated. Which makes it even more fun! We need more such accounts in India for sure! (Any takers?)





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BOLD. STRONG. POWERFULL. ALL WOMEN. Pretty much all words to describe this account. This account isn’t your regular all pro-female account. Watts.on takes a class act on its posts. All sorts of strong depiction of photography, fashion and culture can be seen. First time I came across this account, I spent straight hour going down their feed. Each post will leave you pondering for sure.



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What’s more badass than cats?? Cats with oodles of cash! As silly it may sound, this account has a whopping amount of followers. These lush furry animals posing with tons of cash?! Oh dear internet, please stay weird.


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