Work, money, passion

Published on 8 Mar 2016 . 3 min read

These words enhance a fierce sense of independence, freedom and wellness. It quenches an inner sense of satisfaction and importance in a woman.

A few decades ago, most women terminated their career and professional life post marriage or pregnancy. Today women continue their career after marriage and some years of child rearing. They may find themselves lost as life moves ahead depending on the time lapse between leaving and rejoining their job. This can create huge complexes and insecurities in most women. They need to take time to:

-Decide on their renewed goals in life

-Accept the importance of finances

-Have complete clarity on which one plays a larger role for them- the finances or type of work

Often we have heard women say that they wish to start work, a business, and get professional. But due to lack of know-how most of these desires are buried or are half baked conversations over coffee. ‘I want to do something, but don’t know what to do?’ ‘I am excellent at so many fields, how do I choose which one to take at a professional level?’  

This is an important stage because it reflects your, intent, direction and the ultimate goal. If the goal is primarily money, then passion or interest takes second place.  You may be in a high paying job but one that does nothing much to bring a smile from within.  Once you have narrowed down on what you wish to do, then chalk out the practicalities, plans and benefits.  Your passion and intent will pull work towards you, which in turn will bring success in your life.

If you are confused and find it difficult to decide, these are a few simple questions you could ask yourself in solitude:

-Do I feel happy doing this?

-Do I feel joyful doing this day after day, month after month in the years so come?

-Would I choose to do this even if I were not paid for it?

-Is this work going to benefit people / community/ world?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to these questions, then congratulations, you have found your passion.

When your focus is on money, then the quality of work, sooner or later gets affected. On the other hand when your focus is on the work and what you enjoy doing, you realize work is then a joy. Productivity increases and your work is naturally of a superior quality. Your clients are satisfied and so are you. As a ripple effect, this will attract more work……. And the income flows effortlessly towards you. Independence, freedom, security all follow seamlessly.

As you keep the focus on impact, the income will flow.

By Manju Mohinani Patil

The author is a Life coach and conducts one to one Goal Achievement sessions to direct and guide you to recognize the inner spark in you to choose your apt profession. For more information click here.

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