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8 Dec 2015 . 1 min read

Women who work from home - Preeti's story

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Women who work from home Women who work from home

Preeti Khurana, a qualified CA found a great flexi-opportunity via the SHEROES network. She works for ClearTax, an e-tax filing company. The company’s goals are simple – to simplify tax laws. Preeti’s responsibilities include taking care of the site’s overall content. It’s been over a year since she joined and she's been loving every minute of it!

What were the prerequisities to bag a role like this? "Little knowledge on taxes and the ability to create relevant content." she says.

So why was a work from home opportunity so important to her? Managing her two children and full-time work seemed to turn into a struggle. After the delivery of her second child, balancing professional and personal commitments became tougher. Preeti initially worked with Amex (from home) until she found her way to ClearTax in April last year.

How does working from home for ClearTax suit her today? Well, she loves the ability to be flexible with her time! A person who works from home has two legs in two boats. "When you’re at work, you’re switched off from one role. But when you’re at home and working, you’re part of everything," says Preeti. So how does she manage being effective? She runs a tight schedule during the weekday. She wakes up early, works out, by the time the kids leave she is already ready and set to work. By 9 am she begins and focuses on work till the children start returning from school. One room of the house is set-up to be a home office.

Preeti adds, “Setting targets is important”. You have to know what needs to be accomplished during the day.

While many companies are slowly opening up to the concept of work from home, Preeti believes that it’s a great stop gap for those who want to work but can’t commit to something full-time. However, if you have a major career dream or aspiration, working from home may not give you the right platform to get there.

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