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App Name – Haptik

Do you hate calling companies? Wish there was a better quicker way to get help with airlines, carriers, banks, etc.? Who doesn’t? We got into conversation with the makers of Haptik, an App that gives a solution to all these problems.

It allows you to chat with experts and get help with customer support issues, FAQs, information, and almost anything else within minutes. Think SMS - but instead with a certified expert who knows the company inside out. And it’s totally FREE!

Aakrit Vaish got into the mobile app industry early, playing a key role in the growth of Flurry, the world's leading mobile analytics and advertising company. While at Flurry, he worked with some of the biggest app developers in the world, which included messaging apps, and that's when his love for the medium began. He has been a huge believer of the asynchronous portable nature of mobile messaging and always wanted to do something in the space. In November 2011, while speaking at a conference in Delhi, he Harish Anand Thilakan, head of a creative agency in Chennai. They started talking about the idea of making brand-user communication simple and that's where the seeds of Haptik were sown. Aakrit and Harish kept in touch over the next few months, and Aakrit soon roped in Swapan Rajdev to build the platform.

Aakrit and Swapan have been best friends for almost 10 years, going from college to San Francisco, where they would often talk about starting their own company at some point. The first version of the prototype was ready by the end of 2012, and shown to certain customers, but the feedback was negative and we were asked to think about something different. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a second prototype my mid-2013, and this had overwhelmingly positive response - this was it. Aakrit and Swapan quit their jobs around this time, and in August 2013 Haptik was officially announced as a new company. Intense product development, iteration and testing continued for another 8 months, and Haptik was launched in the India market on 31.3.2014. On the first day of launch, the platform exchanged more than 5,000 messages and now the team is just trying to cope with the traffic. 

Key Features

Straightforward messaging interface, like WhatsApp or SMS

Support for over 100 national brands across 11 key categories

20 resident experts who know these companies inside out

Average response time of 1-4 minutes

Includes direct contact information for these companies, as well as updated FAQs

Download Haptik Here 


"Very helpful I am very happy it helps a lot in country like India quick response what I get from this app and works like whatsapp" - Abhilash Kumar Sinha

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