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Last updated 5 Jan 2018 . 1 min read

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Application Name: Shifu

Key Features:

  • Call Reminder — I am blessed
  • Birthday Reminder — thank you
  • Location Based Alerts (Geo Fencing Alert) – very interesting
  • Phone Call Based Alerts
  • Time Based – reminds work when I am free
  • Network Based Alert – only when I am on a certain network
  • Automated Cloud Sync – same reminders everywhere. I am sorted
  • Active Wallpaper – quick access


“Shifu is a personal chaperone and assistant who is making sure I don’t forget the essentials and the niceties during a work day! Whether it is picking up ballet dress or calling my mom or making sure I don’t forget to return the calls I promised.”
Sairee Chahal, Founder Fleximoms

Image: Source: GetShifu

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