Why Should We #TalkTechToHer?

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Conversations about what women can and cannot achieve is usually riddled with myths and biases. Generations of social conditioning and stereotypical portrayal of women make it no surprise, that diversity in technology still remains an unsolved challenge.

But not for long, as more and more people are realising and being vocal about the following two facts -  One, it’s just wrong to think that women cannot achieve as much as a man can or even more. Two, a man is not genetically predisposed to write code better than a woman.

And as more companies, tech and otherwise, come to terms with these facts, they plan and run initiatives to engage with and hire more women. One such initiative is ThoughtWorks’ #TalkTechToHer* campaign.

More Than Just Policies

ThoughtWorks is learning through experience, that building a women-empowering work culture takes a whole lot more than company policies.

Because policies like offering extended maternity breaks, flexibility in work timings etc. don’t prevent scenarios where a pregnant woman is passed over for a well-deserved promotion or a woman who leaves early to pick her toddler up from daycare, is being called undependable.

The policies need to exist within a sensitized environment where a woman’s colleagues and the leadership support her choices. Throughout her journey with the company, she is seen in her entirety - as a person and as an employee.

“It took decades for the tech industry to recognise and acknowledge the likes of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper. It’s about time, we write a new history for future generations - one, that talks of how women not only contributed but led the way and shaped the tech world for tomorrow.”— Sudhir Tiwari, MD-ThoughtWorks India.

I am a Technologist, Not a Woman Technologist

Ground research, for the campaign revealed that women don’t want to be singled out in the workplace, just because they are women. Yes, their gender is a huge part of their identity and choices. However, they want to be seen as the curious, tenacious and talented technologists, they are.

Going Live

Designing the #TalkTechToHer* campaign, that would speak to women with 6 years of experience in technology got pretty tricky! We could not sound condescending or appear to make excuses for anyone. Additionally, we needed to communicate that, ThoughtWorks is committed to becoming one of the best places to work, for women and invite more passionate women techies to join them.

You can find out more about #TalkTechToHer here.



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