4 tips every new blogger should keep in mind

Published on 25 Feb 2016 . 3 min read

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Before I got myself into this wordy world, I use to be in awe with blogging and always wondered what it would take to really get myself into it. But then as cards had to play I finally opened the Pandora’s box back in 2011 and since then tried different genres of blogging. From Mommy blogger to Human Resources and now Food, it has been amazing learning from my own mistakes and experiences. During this course, I tried different platforms and channels which of course made me a better blogger by the day. Not that I know it all but yes I can share some of my learnings here which beginners can find  handy.

Choose the right platform

Out of my experience, the best way to start your blog is a self-hosted blog, however when you are a starter you can choose any of the popular ones, wordpress, blogger or tumbler where each one has its own pros and cons but they serve the purpose well. As you grow and are consistent you can migrate to a self- hosted one. View both sides of the coin before you finally go for one.

What’s in the name?

The name gives you more clicks!! It has to be catchy enough to incite interest and connect with your reader. Also using popular words which people use for searches in your post and even in the subject line will help fetch you better Google rankings. In case you are using wordpress, you can try their various plugins which can make life much easier in terms of increasing your reach and visibility.

How long is long?

4 letters…all right lets make it 400! Now this is something you can’t ignore. Today’s reader wants fast information and with minimal reading. Too much content might just make them stop mid way. So best is to keep each article between 400 to 600 words. Also highlighting the key content and making it more bulleted will make your blog look more organized and appealing. You might want to add a couple of relevant pictures to improve the overall appeal.

Reaching out to the audience

You need to organically generate your audience through social media and by following other relevant blogs. Reading others blog and commenting on other articles will help you to develop a better  understanding of a subject. It will also help connect those bloggers to your blog. Networking with fellow bloggers will help you increase your audience base and variety.

There are many more ways to make your blog more appealing. These few tips are a start-point for new bloggers. Remember that blogging is not an interest but a habit and good habits stay for life.

Happy Blogging!!

By Rakshita Dwivedi

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