#VoicesOfCommunity: Frosting And Icing Her Dreams As A Baker

Last updated 2 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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Baked Beauty founder and CEO, Saniya Sarguru relentlessly pursued her passion for baking. She juggled between her studies and learning the art of baking, to take up it as a full-time professional. Saniya recounts her journey and how it helped in shaping her dreams. 

“I wanted to be a singer. I participated in every function that my school held and even won many competitions. However, I was also interested in cooking and hence gave an audition for MasterChef. I wasn’t selected due to the fact that I didn’t know how to bake. So during my class 10th, I started watching YouTube videos in order to learn the art of baking. I wanted to get a degree in Hotel Management and  improve my skills in baking, however due to family pressure I had to opt for another profession. I took up Bachelors of Business Administrations, but my love for baking never ended. During my college days, my friends came to know about my hobby and started ordering my cakes for occasions. This started a long journey of accomplishments."


"At Baked Beauty, we guarantee to provide you with baked goods that are recently manufactured and not kept for days.  We also provide with customization of desserts and bakery products. The product is then especially made how the customer envisions it starting from the flavors, design and the quantity. Finally, we deliver it at their doorsteps. The main hurdle in this journey was to balance my studies with my business. My parents feared that this would somehow divert my mind from my curriculum and I wouldn’t be able to score well. Nevertheless I managed to study in the morning and work past my bedtime to achieve my goals. It gives me, immense pleasure to know that our customers are associating themselves with our products because every product of ours is unique as each one of them is made according to the imagination of the customer. My organization helps me to stand out of the crowd and with every passing day I feel more confident about myself."



"Entering a new market without any professional guidance- Facebook and word of mouth helped me a lot, to gain loyal customers and YouTube helped me to further develop my skills. Balancing between studies and work- I learned time management. Believe in yourself because people are always there to pull you backwards. Do what you love because then it no more feels like work. Always keep learning because when you stop learning, you stop growing.


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