Visa On Arrival For Indians | Travel Worry Free To These Countries

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visa on arrival for indians visa on arrival for indians

Hello my lovelies!

It’s my favorite day of the week, you guessed it right; it’s Saturday. It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and I am enjoying my favorite book with a cup of coffee (the finest balm for the mind, body and soul). Couldn’t get better than this, right? But, wait! Who knew it would get WAY better in a few moments!

My phone started ringing and my heart jumped with joy, it was a call from one of my oldest friends, Pooja. Happiness seemed like an understated word when I realized there were three voices on the other side of the phone. Chaddi buddies, girlfriends, soul sisters, best friends, you name it; we were all of those things. A group of four besties from graduation to PG, we were the thickest of friends for years. I was both thrilled and shocked to hear that Pooja was going to be the first among us to tie the knot…She was getting married. And you know what that means - A BACHELORETTE PARTY!

The Big Question

The minute all four of us gathered in a room, everyone around us would cover their ears while we screamed at the top of our lungs and hugged each other. It was settled Pooja’s bachelorette was going to be EPIC and how! We sat down to chalk out a plan. Choosing where to go was the toughest part as we didn’t have much time to get the visa and the other particulars done. However, after some dedicated ‘Google-time’ we realized we could to go to 58 countries and get Visa on Arrival.

As a fellow Sheroe, I’d share my findings with you so you could plan a quick getaway to foreign territories without any Visa woes. This is where you can go on a fats and furious trip:

#1. El Salvador

Is a peaceful land packed with beautiful national parks, refreshing coffee plantations and mind-blowing volcanoes also comes with a rich colonial history of its own.

el savador

A US$10 tourist stay card that lets you stay for a maximum of 3 months is all you need to get the best out of El Salvador. With this permit, you can also make a trip down to Guatemala and Honduras. All you need is a valid passport, some cash for your trip, and tickets to enjoy a wonderful array of cultural sights. With the shimmering waterfalls of Parque Nacional El Imposible, you’re bound to get some #selfieworthy moments.

#2. Cambodia

Is a country that will satiate the wildlife lover’s longing. With a unique ecosystem, this beautiful destination is a great place for wildlife visits. Indian passport holders can obtain a 30-day visa with just US$20. This perfect summer destination will let you marvel at the carvings of Shiva and many other deities at its majestic temples. A completed visa application, sufficient funds, and confirmed tickets are all that you need to enjoy the breathtaking majesty of Cambodia.


#3. Maldives

The Maldives, the queen of islands is a place that was built only for tourists. It’s no surprise that many tourists continuously rave about this paradise as it boasts of 80 scenic islands. The country offers Indian citizens a visa for 30 days on arrival. Just a two hour trip from Kochi, this mesmerizing country offers tourists everything from luxurious houseboats to posh water resorts. If you love the sight of clear blue water and white sandy beaches, then the Maldives is your tourist haven.


#4. Seychelles

Seychelles, it’s not just a country, its God’s gift to mankind (I mean common, you have seen the heavenly screensavers right?). Boasting with an archipelago of over 115 islands, this beauty tops the list of soothing destinations in Africa. Indian citizens can get a permit for 3 months free of charge provided they have enough funds for their stay and a return ticket. A 4-hour flight is all it takes for you to enjoy the pristine beaches and the bountiful islands of Seychelles. Whether it’s Anse Georgette or Anse Lazio, it’ll be the trip of a lifetime.


#5. Mauritius

From TV shows to Shah Rukh Khan starrer Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, many silver screen wonders have been shot in the majestic island. Indian citizens need a confirmed booking for accommodation, a letter, a confirmed return ticket and they’d get a visa for 60 days. I don’t know about you, but if I visit Mauritius, the first place I’d visit is Chamarel, a small village known for its seven colored layers of sand. The magic about this place is that even though it’s the most popular tourist destination, you’d never find it crowded. If you’re a selfie junkie like us, then Mauritius is definitely for you.


#6. Madagascar

This place is just another beautiful example of the rich diversity of flora and fauna that Africa has to offer. With naturally exhilarating landscape and delicious food, this island is so huge, it could be a continent in itself. Every Indian citizen can get free Visa on Arrival that lasts for 30 days. Despite the long journey it might take to get there, the scenic beauty will keep you in awe. Whether it’s the Amber Mountain National Parks or the austere plains filled with baobab trees, you’re bound to find your inner calm.


#7. Jamaica

If you were to bring up the name, Jamaica, the only thing that’ll pop up in anyone’s head is the legend, Bob Marley. This cultural hotspot is bound to make you shake your hips to the enchanting beats and make you fall in love with its serene beaches. All Indian citizens need is a valid passport and a confirmed return ticket for a free stay of 14 days. This tropical fantasy has a wide range of adventure sports as well as some of the best beaches the world has to offer.


#8. Thailand

If skydiving is on your bucket list, then a trip to Thailand is what you need. Thailand is an extremely popular tourist destination known for a memorable spine-tingling skydiving adventure. Thailand offers Visa on Arrival for an affordable US$35. Ensure that your stay doesn’t last for more than 30 days. Whether it’s the plethora of amazing street food or the visit to the famous glittering temples of Thailand, this trip should be on your bucket list.


#9. Comoros

Although the name might not be as popular, this tourist destination is a string of volcanic islands loved by people from all over. Owing to it being a part of the Caribbean, one can indulge in snorkeling, diving, fishing, and even water walks. Indian citizens can get a Visa on Arrival for a mere US$50 for a stay of 45 days. While the journey might seem long, thrill-seekers will have a beautiful time hiking up Mount Karthala. Comoros is a haven filled with well-behaved dolphins, that should be in your next candid picture of the year.


#10. Micronesia

While it might have the word, "micro" in it, it's definitely nowhere near that as this humble abode boasts of about 600 small islands.


This retreat is all about a visit to the past, to the ancient monuments and rich experience of water sports. The country offers free Visa on Arrival for Indian passport holders for up to 30 days. This austere nation might not provide luxurious hotels but does have decent accommodation that is sure to give you comfort and a trip of a lifetime.

#11. Saint Lucia

If you’re looking for a romantic destination then, Saint Lucia should be the first one on your list. This rejuvenation island located slightly off Central America has plantations and beaches hidden inside for the explorer in you. A mere fee of US$50 is all that Indian citizens need for a stay of six weeks. This Carribean trophy boasts of beaches, volcanoes, gardens, ruins, and parks that attract a large number of tourists each year. Whether it’s diving or snorkeling, a trip to Saint Lucia will fill the hunger in every adventure-seeker.

saint lucia

#12. Jordan

Many travelers might not be comfortable with the idea of traveling to the Middle East. However, a trip to Jordan is sure to change your mind. Home to one of the seven wonders of the World and to the dead sea, this impenetrable kingdom is a beautiful tourist destination. Indian passport holders can get a Visa on Arrival for 14 days by paying around JOD 40. If Jordan is on your list, then a visit to the Dead Sea and the Lost City of Petra are compulsory!


#13. Nepal

A Visa on Arrival is granted to all Indian citizens for a stay of 150 days. To enjoy the rich architectural heritage of Nepal, all you need is a photo ID and a proof of nationality. Considering how close it is to India, this tourist destination should be on your travel list. Not only is it the famous birthplace of Gautama Buddha but it’s a paradise for every shopaholic.


#14. Kenya

Built with rugged topography and home to indomitable wildlife, Kenya is not for everyone. Indian Citizens can get eVisa service to get into Kenya. This African nation will introduce you to a side you never knew existed in you. From conquering your fears to treading into the unknown, this nation is not just a holiday but an experience. The National Parks of Nairobi and the Ruins of Geti are where the excitement belongs.


#15. Fiji

Fiji is the perfect place for every traveler wishing for an escape. The authorities have made Fiji a visa-free destination. Permits are issued for 4 months provided you have return tickets and sufficient funds. Pristine beaches, healthy marine life, delicious food and friend locals, what else could one want? The locals speak Fiji Hindi which is quite similar to Hindi, so communication might not be such a problem. Fiji also has a great culture that will give you insights into family, love, and traditions. With an exotic cuisine and seafood that’s to die for, your trip will be the most memorable trip of a lifetime.


#16. Sri Lanka

With an admirable cuisine, breath-taking sights and peaceful tea plantations, the island of Sri Lanka, has a tryst with Nature. Indian citizens need to obtain eVisa upon arrival for a period of 30 days. With marvelous temples with stories of the past and some great shopping opportunities, there’s something for everyone. You can hike up to Ella Rock or indulge in the many museums Colombo has to offer, Sri Lanka will keep you coming back for more and more.

sri lanka

#17. Hong Kong

A brilliant amalgam of modernity and traditions and a skyline that never ends. Hong Kong has an abundance of natural beauty and delectable cuisines hidden underneath the commercial facade. The authorities provide a free visa for Indians for up to 14 days, however, if your stay extends, then you might need to get visa or a permit. With a huge range of flights out to Hong Kong, you can get your hands on some of the best deals in advance. You savor the bright lights of the Skyline or take the tram up to Victoria Peak for an adrenaline rush of a lifetime. To bring out the child in you, you can visit the happiest place in the world, Disneyland for a holiday of a lifetime.

hong kong

#18. Macau

Macau, the Las Vegas of China is all about the glamour, glitz and the good life. With colonial architecture as the icing, this rich velvety cake has been enticing tourists from a long time. The authorities grant a free visa to Indian citizens provided you have a valid passport with blank pages and funds for your stay. The best way to Macau is a memorable ferry from Hong Kong. The nightlife in Macau is all about roulette tables and mesmerizing drinks. With the Casino at Venetian Macau and the ruins of Saint Paul, Macau still tops every traveler’s must-visit lists.


Wrapping up

With the sash and bride-to-be crown in place we were all set to commence the hottest bachelorette ever! It was decided the ‘Fearsome Foursome Quad Squad’ was off to Hong Kong, the ‘other’ city that never sleeps. Super fun, fabulous and laidback - A trip to Hong Kong sounds like the perfect send-off for the bride-to-be on her last big adventure with her BFFs! The Four Soul Sisters will indulge in a night out at some of the hippest clubs, followed by some after-dark shopping and a taste of the glitz and glamour of Hong Kong.

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For The Non- Bachelorette-Party-Readers

I don’t know which one of these places are on your bucket list, but if you’re a traveler at heart (or not 😏), a visit to these places will unquestionably give you memories of a lifetime. Whether it’s a trip with your girlfriends or with the family, you can get a hassle-free Visa on Arrival for your next trip. The delectable Thai street food, casinos of Macau, tea plantations in Sri Lanka or a simple walk down the beach in the Maldives, there’s something for everyone. All you have to do is book the tickets, find some great company and waltz your way into any of these amazing tourist spots.

Now that we have taken care of your Visa-woes, for your next anniversary, birthday, promotion or breakup (gotta move on!) pack your bags and hop on the next flight to a faraway land.

Toodle-oo, my darlings!

Kanika Gautam
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