Upcoming Food Bloggers And Their Best Instagram Posts

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upcoming food bloggers upcoming food bloggers

We featured rising food bloggers in India in our last roundup which was well recieved by our readers so we thought of coming with another post about six more bloggers on the same pattern but with a little more excitement this time.

We have handpicked some of their best Instagram posts to make you drool instantly.

Yay! But first my favorite quote…

“After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even their relatives.” - Oscar Wilde

Maybe that’s why we invite our relatives on dinner often so that whatever grudges, knowingly or unknowingly have been acquired is forgiven on the dinner table.

And yet another one…

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” - Alan D. Wolfelt

Can’t stop you telling how great philosophers have reacted when it came to writing about food. Here’s our food bloggers.

Chitra Profile Picture1


How did you start your journey?

I started my food blog as advised by my techie husband. As I was a beginner in cooking, I wanted to make a record of my family's traditional recipes I prepare in my kitchen for my future reference. I thought it would also be helpful for newbies. So I started to record my recipes with step by step pictures and improved it nowadays with short videos as well. That's how my blogging started and reached all this way.

What readers should expect from your blog?

Basically, I am a South Indian, from Tamil Nadu. So I have posted a good collection of everyday vegetarian recipes of Tamil people. Then I started sharing recipes from all the cuisines that include North Indian, International recipes and eggless baking recipes.

A tip that you would love to add?

Every woman is talented in a way. So let’s not waste it by hiding ourselves in a small nest. Learn yourself and try to do something useful to your family

Where can we find you?

My Instagram account name is Chitra's food book.

Your best Instagram posts

Chitra Instagram Picture1
Chitra Instagram Picture2

Instagram Instagram Picture3

Chitra Instagram Picture

Chitra Instagram Picture5

Purabi Profile Picture


How did you start your journey?

I was a journalist when I took a sabbatical since my two kids were very small. Soon after that, we shifted to Hong Kong. It was the food scene there that opened my eyes to the huge food world. As I loved cooking and experimenting with food very much, I thought of merging my two passions (writing and cooking) into my food blog Cosmopolitan Currymania. So, the blog started in Hong Kong and after we came back to India, it flourished even more.

What readers should expect from your blog?

I mainly feature rustic Bengali cuisine, the food that I grew up on. I have a keen interest in dying recipes of Bengal. I do post and cook a lot of very traditional Bengali recipes, some of which are my family recipes too! Apart from this, I love to do fusion, my favourit e being Indo-Japanese fusion. I bake occasionally.

A tip that you would love to add?

Follow your instinct while cooking or baking and don't just blindly follow a recipe.

Where can we find you?

Instagram Handle: @purabinaha

Your best Instagram posts

Purabi Instagram Picture1

Purabi Instagram Picture2

Purabi Instagram Picture3

Purabi Instagram Picture4

Purabi Instagram Picture5

Tasneem Profile Picture

Tasneem Rajkotwala

How did you start your journey?

After working right from the time I entered college until marriage. Being a stay at home mom in a new country was taking its toll on me and I needed an outlet to connect with more people. I began Thoughts Over Chai in 2014 with no plan but to share my daily life - writing about things I love and sharing creations from my new kitchen with family back home. Like any other journey, there are ups and downs yet I am enjoying this little place on the internet which gradually turned into a food blog as I've always been passionate about food and cooking. Steadily I began learning the codes I needed to crack while making a shift from a blog to my own website, experiment a lot to finally understand my photography style, getting savvy with SEO and building my own brand. That feeling of euphoria when someone connects with you with what you share online is phenomenal. Thoughts Over Chai grew piece by piece as it started getting recognition in renowned publications like Femina India, MensXP, NDTV India, Yahoo! etc. and brought me meaningful collaborations in areas of recipe development and content creation that I've enjoyed so much more than my previous desk jobs.

What readers should expect from your blog?

Being a mum, I mainly focus on recipes that my mommy readers would find quick and easy but at the same time to cook wholesome meals {as much as possible from the scratch} as opposed to ones being marketed on the idea of convenience. At the same time, I also love sharing recipes that I have grown up eating drawing immense cultural influences from the cities I have lived in – Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bombay, and Dubai. You wouldn’t find me shop at gourmet stores or constantly use fancy ingredients in my pantry; although I love to come up with solutions to twist a regular meal into irresistible treats. There’s no excuse for not cooking great, fresh food even if you’re short on time and budget. Let’s celebrate the joy of home-cooked meals that are cost-effective, simple and easy to make! I will only share recipes that my family loved and enjoyed. That is why you will never find a substitute for an original pizza crust on my blog.

A tip that you would love to add?

I am extremely grateful for each one of my reader who invests their time daily to go through my recipes and cook from them. Good work always pays off so always believe in yourself and give your cent percent in anything you do. Only then you'll be waking up every day with a purpose and this perspective will help you achieve whatever you desire for.

Where can we find you?

Thoughts Over Chai Instagram.

Your best Instagram posts

Tasneem Instagram Picture1
Tasneem Instagram Picture2

Tasneem Instagram Picture

Tasneem Instagram Picture4Tasneem Instagram Picture5

Molly Profile Picture

Molly Kumar

How did you start your journey?

The blog was started as a food-diary for my friends/family to access recipes they liked but soon it changed from 10 people visiting a day to tons. Then started the request for new recipes/how-to pictures/substitute for a certain ingredient and so on. So what was started as a food-diary for others, a destresser for me from the highly demanding and stressful 9-5 finance job, turned into a full-time dream job that makes me smile every night before I go to bed thinking of ' What I'm Going to Make Tomorrow & Share'.

What readers should expect from your blog?

My food is all about Lighter Family Favorite recipes from around the world with an emphasis on Indian recipes and some fusion too. I want everyone who ever had an even fleeting second of a thought of make an easy Indian recipe or a Family meal, just dive straight in without any fear of complicated ingredients or process.

A tip that you would love to add?

'Be Fearless in Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire' (quote by Jennifer Lee) - That's what I've followed all my life and I highly urge everyone to follow their dreams.

Where can we find you?

Easy Cooking With Moly

Your best Instagram posts

Molly Instagram Picture1

Molly Instagram Picture
Molly Instagram Picture

Molly Instagram Picture4

Molly Instagram Picture5

Radhika Profile Picture

Radhika Penagonda

How did you start your journey?

My blogging and photography journey started back in 2010 when I was a mom to my then two-year-old first born. We had moved to Houston, TX and I had quit my longstanding IT job after the move to be able to be with my little one. I was getting jittery with being a stay at home mom and being unable to do anything constructive with my time other than child rearing. I had always wanted to blog and one afternoon, I just began to write about the food I cooked that reminded me of my far away homeland. Just Homemade, the blog was thus born.

I believed (still do) in eating with eyes first and soon realized how important photography is for food blogging and my passion for photography came as a natural progression. I get to share both my passions food and photography on a single platform. The journey has been fantastic so far from re-discovering my food heritage, exploring so many foods and cultures to finding a niche in food styling and photography and the learning never stops.

What readers should expect from your blog?

On the blog, I write about pure vegetarian food, real and homemade, almost always made from scratch. Foods from regional South Indian cuisine covering Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra as well as travel inspired world cuisine. Through my blog, I’d like to inspire and encourage more people to cook at home and eat well. Because I believe there is nothing better than homemade with love.

A tip that you would love to add?

Eat real foods. Know what you eat. Always read the ingredients label before buying foods in stores. Cook your own food at home as much as you can.

Where can we find you?

You can find me sharing 100% vegetarian food inspiration and food photography on Instagram ( Radhika Penagonda Food Stylist. Instagram photos and videos ) Come say Hello!

Your best Instagram posts

Radhika Instagram Picture1

Radhika Instagram Picture2

Radhika Instagram Picture3

Radhika Instagram Picture4

Radhika Instagram Picture5

Zenia Profile Picture

Zenia Irani

How did you start your journey?

The food writing bug bit me when I contributed to a section called Budget Bites in the Times Food Guide 20111 edition compiled by the esteemed Rashmi Uday Singh. After that, I dabbled in writing reviews and topical food stories for a few other websites before deciding to start a blog of my own. The blog is my personal diary, a place where I pen down my thoughts and experiences when it comes to Mumbai's dining scene.

What readers should expect from your blog?

The blog started off as a means to document all the eating out I was doing in the city, so it mainly featured restaurant reviews and experiences. I slowly began to write general food stories. Now the blog features a bit of culinary travel, relevant lifestyle articles and of course, restaurant reviews.

A tip that you would love to add?

My only advice to anyone who wants to become a food blogger is to write about food because it's a passion- reading about new cuisines, trying new dishes, experimenting in the kitchen is something that gives you a high! Just blog passionately with all your heart, and don't worry about the number game. Always remember a few organic followers weigh a lot more than inorganic followers that are just a number and nothing more.

Where can we find you?

On Instagram as Branded Bawi

Your best Instagram posts

Zenia Instagram Picture1Zenia Instagram Picture2

Zenia Instagram Picture3Zenia Instagram Picture4

Zenia Instagram Picture5

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Life is so endlessly delicious. Spread the word. Share with your friends.

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