The Year of the Sheep

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

As per the Chinese Calendar, each year is named after an animal and February 2015 welcomes in the Year of the Sheep. This tradition of naming each year after an animal originated years back and has various stories that explains it.One of the underlying notions behind this tradition is the belief that the particular animal’s traits and character defines the year as a whole.

So what does 2015, the Year of the Sheep, entail?

Sheep are seen as kind, tender and sympathetic, a symbol of peace and harmony. For the very reason they are kind and tender, they are considered to be the most feminine of all. The year of the sheep is therefore also the year of ‘SHEROES’!

A year dedicated to celebrating the female certainly signifies the importance a woman holds in society. Women have determined the course of history and the rise of nations.She has ruled, worked and even fought for her home, people and country. In many cultures, since time immemorial, female figures are symbolised as the Supreme Being, the Goddess. History reverberates with instances where women have brought both fame and glory.

If there is something that disheartens us, it is the fact that women in today’s world are not given their due. Orthodox conventions and patriarchal mindset have continued to coerce women into subjugation. They have been forced to stay shut within the four walls of the house, wasting away all their potential. Most of them have completely internalised this suppressive environment that they have silently acquiesced.  This has to change if the world desires to chart a trajectory of development.

The world of the feminine demands a fresh, empowering perspective. ‘She’ is no ordinary, but a power to be reckoned with. ‘She’ deserves the same respect and opportunities that ‘he’ gets.This very truth forms the bedrock of Ittisa’s inception and achievements, and through our hard work and sheer determination to succeed, we aim to scale new heights this year.

So have faith in yourself and keep striving, SHEROES. Obstacles do not vanish until you face it.We hope that 2015, the year of the sheep, would indeed be a great year for all of you.

Ittisa, an all women digital media firm are the handpicked mélange of the best minds available in the industry. You could call them The Avengers of brand development. Each of us having a different strength…together we become unbeatable. Through design creatives, digital media, technological support and analytics, they take a complete approach to ensure the growth of the brand reaches its maximum.

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