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Dr. Namrata Singh and Ms. Pooja Parashar, launched their startup Turacoz Healthcare Solutions in 2014. It is a medical communications company that is currently working with 21 preeminent leaders from the pharmaceutical industry. They promote the opportunity of work-from-home for women who are good at their jobs but lack the opportunity to balance work & family at the same time.

Says Dr. Namrata, "I am a doctor, daughter, wife, mother of 3 beautiful children and an entrepreneur and all of them are my priority. I cannot say that any of them mean less to me at any point of time. My professional journey started as a practising paediatrician in a town in UP, Meerut after getting a postgraduate degree and I practised for about 7 years. The ground realities of private practice which showed some very uncompassionate faces of people around me including referring doctors (so called quacks), private nursing homes and pathology nexus and the poor plight of patients propelled me to search for an alternate to practice where I could utilize my education and knowledge.  I was introduced to medical writing and clinical research by a friend and after that I did not leave any stone unturned. Because here I was trying to contribute to the research, writing about diseases and patients, communicating with other colleagues along with taking care of my small children at home. Being a doctor and a medical communicator complemented each other perfectly and I could provide solutions that a nonclinical professional could not. Finally I had found what I always wanted to do."

Co-founder Pooja was born and raised in mountains, did her MBA in International Marketing from University Business School, HPU Shimla. Prior to starting own Turacoz healthcare solutions, she was the Business Development lead – South America for a New York based Clinical research organization. Married to a defense officer Pooja first started working from home. She travels a lot, sometimes more than 15 days a month to Delhi, to Mumbai (the pharma hub) and international destinations.

Turacoz tries to bridge the gap between the personal and professional life by providing flexible working options which suits the individual and always encourage him/her to come up with suggestions to include new services, new policies etc. A positive and encouraging work place will always bring out the best in a person and for Turacoz “Happy people will always make happier clients”.

Their core offering is creating and developing medical communication documents/channels for different target audiences-doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and regulatory bodies’ throughput the product life cycle. People who do research may not be good writers and here is the gap which Turacoz is fulfilling. Adds, Dr. Namrata,  “billions are spent by pharmaceutical companies on developing new drugs/new research and it has to be communicated to the regulatory bodies to get approvals and also to the doctors once they get the approval to increase the sales. By partnering with us these companies can focus on these core activities of R&D and as professional medical writers we can expedite the process of writing and communicating.”

Says Dr. Namrata, "there is no dispute between the two roles of working parent and entrepreneur, they both are an extension of me and I do whatever is the priority at that point of time - be it a client deadline to meet or attend a function in my children’s school."

Turacoz has partnered with MNCs like Pfizer, Abbott, AstraZeneca, Roche, Dr Reddys, Glenmark, Mundipharma to name a few from India, Middle East and AsiaPac region.

Dr. Namrata feels that women form a major % of the human resource reserve that we have and due to multitude of issues like child birth, getting married and incomplete education/skill development hinders the full potential of women in our country. With the changing times and increasing awareness women entrepreneurs are getting noticed and are coming up with many innovative solutions. 

Quips co-founder Pooja, "I read somewhere that India is placed in the "bottom three countries" in the list of best countries for women entrepreneurs. I personally don’t think that it is so bad but yes, there is lot of scope for improvement. The common policies for entrepreneurs under ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship can be modified and improved for women entrepreneurs." 
When asked about future plans for the company, Pooja comments, "we have expanded from 2 to 50 people in less than a year at Turacoz. We plan to expand more and be a 500 people, 5 international offices & a 10 million dollar company in next five years."

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