The Power Of Optimistic Thinking: What New Research About Stress Tells You

Published on 20 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

Our thoughts are powerful, so much so that they can help us cope with stressful situations and help us heal. We are well equipped to handle a little stress, but all of us face a lot of stress in an average week due to busy lifestyles and constant distractions.

Our thoughts, whether good or bad, trigger reactions in our bodies; new scientific research now proves that the brain is malleable and changes with experiences. The brain is constantly trying to improve and be the best possible it can be for us.

Stress is not all bad; some stress helps keep us motivated to give our best to whatever we do. Our attitude towards stress impacts how our body perceives it. We can train our mind to focus on the positive effect of stress and improve our quality of life.

If we truly believe that stress is not detrimental to our health, our body will feel the same and reduce negative consequences. This works because the brain activates relevant reactions in the body based on the mind’s instructions.  However, stress can also signal that something in our life needs to change and we must handle this with productive action.  

You cannot give up on your commitments but you can reduce the effects of stress on your life. Don’t focus too much on criticism, worry, guilt or others’ comments as this will cause unending depression and anxiety.

Our mental health and wellness depends on how well we handle the stressors of daily life. Think of stress as a factor to keep you alert, improve your performance and help tackle situations constructively. Exercise, music, sleep, relaxation, meditation, beautiful sights and sounds, as well as food that appeals to our senses and palate, will nurture our mind; which in turn will lead to a stronger body.

Whatever your mind centres on will become important in your life, hence it is important to choose good thoughts. Even though it is easier to find faults rather than look out for the positives, train your mind to also see the bright side. Stress will be mind over matter if you only believe. As research tells us now, the brain is more adaptable than we believe.

Written by Inderpreet Kaur Uppal 


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