Taruna's Aspiring Journey from Judo to MMTC PAMP

Published on 27 Sep 2019 . 1 min read

taruna gaur judo to mmtc pamp taruna gaur judo to mmtc pamp

Taruna Gaur belongs from Karnal, Haryana. A national-level champion of Judo Karate. She holds an ITI degree from Electronic Mechanical and has worked in two different industries as a line operator named Minda Industries and IMT Rohtak. Then, she joined MMTC-PAMP as an executive in the Refining Department. She has a dream to be the champion of Judo on the international level and will make our country proud

How would you define yourself as a person and tell us a little bit about your childhood or growing years that helped you in becoming what you are today?

Taruna is an independent girl from a middle-class family. Since childhood, I wanted to become a Judo champion and have worked hard to realise that dream. I overcame all the obstacles bravely to become what I am today. I bagged a gold medal in Judo Championship at the district level and played at state and national level. This all makes me a strong woman who can fight for anything in the future as well.

Tell us what is your role at MMTC-PAMP and how has been your experience so far?

I joined MMTC PAMP in Feb 2018 and have 2 years of experience before MMTC PAMP in production. My experience in MMTC-PAMP has been excellent so far and I am looking forward to getting more good things in my career. MMTC-PAMP is giving a good direction to my career and I feel secure in my work.

How did Judo happen and do you think that sports helped you in dealing with transitions in your life, both professionally and personally?

I was inspired by other girls in my neighbourhood and showed my interest in self-defence to my family. My family supported me throughout. I feel confident after the classes, not only physically but mentally as well. Judo gave me an extraordinary sense of feeling of safety.

How is MMTC-PAMP helping you realise your dream of becoming a Judo champion?

Yes, MMTC-PAMP gave me a chance to share my learnings with the kids of our employees. I always get support from my team members to continue my interest in Judo and to inspire others.

What were the challenges you faced as a professional and how would you say it helped you grow in your field?

I faced challenges in my life and have always overcome them with enthusiasm. Being a girl, I always felt it challenging to balance between my family and job. I felt the challenge of being emotionally expressive could have an impact on my professional life. But as time passed, I have learned to take control of my emotions and fine-tune them to my surroundings. This has helped me a lot professionally.

What would you say have been your 3-5 (you can add more if you wish) biggest learnings in life so far?

My learnings are:

  1. Be as strong as much as you can, everything is possible because the word impossible says itself I am possible.
  2. Always think positive about you. You are the most beautiful and strongest person on this earth.
  3. Every problem has a solution.

How do you balance between your work and Judo? Can you share some tips for women on how to pursue their passion while they are working simultaneously?

I keep my calendar book for my passion. I practice every day for judo and after judo, my work starts.

Who has been your biggest motivator?

My mother is the biggest motivator in my life. When I feel there is nothing, she always stood up and say there is everything you can do. She supports and motivates me each and every day to pursue my dreams and do whatever I want to do.

Shruthi Murali

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