Take Charge On Great Sex

Published on 8 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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Why women should insist on having great sex.

Good is not good enough!


The oldest aspect of the man-woman relationship and something that has existed from time immemorial is the much thought about, little talked about three-letter word – sex.  In our country, there are now so many stories of groping and molestation that talking about the act itself feels decrepit. As a man writing this article, I have three pieces of advice for women.


- Men love your bodies when you love your bodies: There are several articles out there, which talk about how women think a lot about their bodies. Too much fat here, too many wrinkles there. There is nothing sexier than a woman who feels sexy. You can be a 100 kgs and if you feel sexy, you are sexy. This is the biggest turn-on for men. Your own nervousness reduces your love for yourself and likely your partner’s desire for you.



- Men feel awesome when you feel awesome. The act itself is an act that exists between two people. It’s very likely that both people mirror each other’s feelings and emotions. Men also are by nature (generally) outcome driven and take it personally if they feel you are not enjoying the act. It makes them more and more insecure. Be awesome and make your partner feel even more awesome. Get into your diva role, find that place and don’t hold back. Take charge, here as well.



- You only live once, don’t hesitate from adventure: There is a lot of spice out there. If you are in a long-term relationship and there is trust between partners, let the adventures role. Bring your own fantasies to bed and let your partner bring theirs too. Sex is a whole body act, not just related to a few organs. Use your and your partner’s body fully. Nothing should be a taboo. Explore your own interests. It’s all between you both, there is nobody else. Well, mostly.



There are studies after studies on how the female orgasm is a big mystery. Its not just physiological but emotional as well and entwined with life. The only person who can unlock this mystery for yourself is you. You owe it to yourself and your partner!

Hero is a real quintessential male you would meet every day in urban India. He admires women and he loves good, oops great sex.

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