Super Women In Technology Part-1

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I remember participating in a debate competition in my college days on the topic of women empowerment. I had used the following 18th century verse to share my thoughts about how women have historically been subjected to less important roles across all cultures:

Man for the field and woman for the hearth,
Man for the sword and woman for the needle,
Man with the head and woman with the heart,
Man to command and woman to obey.”

Little did I know that after a decade of that competition, I will be working in one of the most innovative industries and rubbing shoulders with women like me who aspire to make a difference with their technology skills. These women certainly refuse to be relegated to any less important roles.

Here are some quotes from the super women in the SMS-Magic team about various challenges they face in the technology space.

Aishwarya   Aishwarya Patil, Sales Associate

It is a general perception that women in technology may not be able to give their best. Questions regarding settling down, marriage, proximity to work place are still asked in interviews. But I feel that women are much more sincere, efficient, and committed towards projects as compared to men. While negotiating with clients, women have an edge as they can be empathetic and astute at the same time. Personally, I feel clients attach a higher level of trust when a woman is involved in interactions.

I appreciate the ‘Women in IT’ initiative by Salesforce and the passion with which they are promoting it. I would want its effects to spill over other fields as well. It is high time that marketers think beyond the ‘pink it and shrink it’ strategies. When one of the biggest software companies of the world is talking about equality, it’s time that others also follow suit.

Arpita   Arpita Bhakhry, HR & Talent Acquisition

As a part of Human Resource team, I believe that today’s world has only partially accepted the concept of ‘Women Empowerment.’ Although the role of women in the workplace has changed dramatically, perception and mindset are still the biggest challenges a woman faces in every sector. For e.g.: If a man walks into a meeting room and tells the team what they need to do, he is termed as a ‘leader’ but if a woman does the same– she is called bossy, feisty and is given an array of other negative descriptions.? ?

Things are definitely improving for the better. Women these days have innovative ideas and are more tech savvy. They are loyal and are out of the box thinkers. Encourage hiring more women, specifically in technical roles, and you’ll yourself see the impact of equality and gender diversity in your organisation.

? ?Additionally with platforms like Sheroes and worldpulse, women have abundant opportunities to showcase their talents, connect and support other women. It is indeed a wonderful time to be a woman!

Nupur   Nupur Maskara, Content Marketer

This is the first time I’m working in a technology company. I did find it intimidating at first, but I also enjoy getting to know more about the product and seeing it evolve every day. I think women need to dip their feet earlier in technology, so that they can be friends with it for life. We need to keep at it, even if it gets harder to balance work and life. We need to be role models for the next wave of WIT. Someone has aptly said that if you are a woman pioneer in any field then you need to hold the door open as wide as possible, for as long as possible, to allow other women to march through it.

Asmita   Asmita Mahamuni, Tech Lead

I feel that women in technology are as good as men, just fewer. So they stand out more. I do see more women in tech these days though, which is great! Maybe someday we would have so many women in technology that we would not need a ‘Women in Technology’ movement.

Despite the challenges and stereotypes, these women love being in the technology space and would not trade it over any other soft career options. With their thoughts and actions they are slowly but surely changing the way women in technology are perceived by others.

Stay tuned for next set of interesting quotes from more super women in our team!

This article was first published on Screen-Magic

Written by Priyanka Vermani

Priyanka Vermani
A Content Marketer with a creative streak, Priyanka has written content for corporate films and many kids learning applications. She is currently working as a Content Manager at Screen-Magic Mobile Media Pvt. Ltd. With her unique content ideas, she intends to transform brands from ordinary to outstanding. Priyanka lives in Pune with her hubby and 5-year old daughter. Priyanka can be perpetually found wondering aloud on how to bring back life to normalcy post childbirth. Based on her travel experiences and her time in London, she will be launching her graphic book 'Samaira and the gang in London' soon. To learn more about her book, visit

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