Madhumita Halder's Super Suit Gaming Platform Is Here

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Super Suit Gaming Platform Super Suit Gaming Platform
Wearable technology has taking over the world for a while now. It’s easy to understand why the obsession exists. Only when we thought it couldn’t get any better, our very own SHEROES community member, Madhumita Halder came up with SuperSuit, world’s first wearable gaming platform. This innovation has come right out of India and is all set to launch at a global stage next week.

Madhumita studied Computer Science at IIT Bombay. Post IIT, Madhumita & her co-founder and also her better half Rajat, spent four years teaching kids through play at Rishi Valley School, ran a board games start-up and created a futuristic wearable gaming platform - SuperSuit. SuperSuit has been getting a great response all over the world. It also led Madhumita to move to US with her 5 month old baby boy. You too can support a better childhood by backing SuperSuit at Indiegogo now.

It came out of a frustration of seeing how technology had ignored kids' play, specifically outdoor play. They saw that some of the most important skills are learnt during play - it's the only time when a child is not supervised by an adult and so any decision that they take is their own. They learn social skills, handling bullying, risk taking and decision making. But today kids are spending obnoxious amount of time in front of the screens, instead of playing outdoors. Screens are so powerful that they end up making kids passive and in the name of 'interactivity' all that kids end up doing is tapping the screen few times to move the narrative forward.
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On the other hand it was frustrating for them to see that all the so called 'future of gaming' tech of VR & AR are for adults. So, they designed SuperSuit - world’s first wearable gaming platform. It brings tech to outdoor play, without kids having to look at the world through a screen! Their bodies become the 'controllers' & the environment overlaid with an active imagination is the 'screen'.  SuperSuit created Zi-Fi technology so the suits can work anywhere without being tethered to a phone or computer. Its ENGaGE gesture engine triggers the superpowers from dynamic gestures. Here's more about the super tech behind SuperSuit.

If you are looking for your kids to get rid of that screen addiction life, you can get SuperSuit at great price now here - Get SuperSuit Now!

Supersuit has been getting a great response all over the world. It has been showcased at some of the biggest conferences like CES (Vegas), MWC (Barcelona), INK (Goa) & TC Disrupt (San Francisco), and featured by leading tech publications like Wired & Mashable along with 250 others globally. After exciting exhibits at CES, Mobile World Congress, TechCrunch Disrupt, INK Goa, it is launching a crowdfunding campaign today on Indiegogo. Here's the campaign page with a thrilling video about it.

SHEROES has always championed its innovation & the SuperSuit can bring a much needed social change of making gaming active, especially for today's kids. Their Indiegogo campaign will run until November 2, 2016. Backers will have the opportunity to pledge for bundle of two SuperSuits starting at $299, available in black and white.

We are super excited for Madhumita, and supporting her in the journey of bringing an amazing product out there. Here’s your chance to help a fellow SHEROES community member. Go register yourself at Indiegogo and back SuperSuit now. Help your kids have a better childhood.

You can also like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and stay updated with SuperSuit journey.  

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